Premium Roller Banners

When you need your roller banner to last and look good, our Premium roller banners range offer that durability and quality at a comparatively low cost. Our premium roller banners are perfect for those clients that are looking for the very best in terms of the printed graphic and hardware that is guaranteed to work time after time for years to come.

What Makes them Premium Roller Banners? 

We print all our graphics at the same high quality for all our models of roller banner. The substrates we print onto are perhaps some of the best on the market today. We print graphics onto anti-curl, light-block material which ensure that a roller banner will look perfect every time. You will not need to worry about banners looking tired after several uses. The graphic will look as good after 5 years as it will one the day that you get it. The Premium roller banners have a superior quality build in their mechanisms. These mechanisms give the banners a longer lifespan and better durability in frequent use when compared to our budget roller banners. 

We tend to give our premium roller banners a longer guarantee - up to 10 years! That's how confident we are that these roller banners will last. The guarantee on each model varies, so be sure to read the description of each model or give us a call to discuss which is the best model for you to use. If your banner fails during the guarantee period we will replace both the graphic and the hardware free of charge. 

The Premium roller banners also come with those added extras that help you get more out of your banner. The Barracuda, for instance, comes with adjustable feet for uneven flooring and an adjustable ratchet to increase the graphic tension. 

Need More Help?

If you'd like to discuss purchasing a premium roller banner with our team then don't hesitate to give us a call on 01625 435 130. Our team will point you in the right direction with a banner that will suite your needs and can help you with the ordering process. Please be aware that the prices we offer on the website are our very best - we are unable to offer further discount on the phone.