Graduation Banners

We are coming to the time of year where years of hard-work are being celebrated up and down the country as graduation ceremonies take place. It is only natural to share the pride that comes with a loved one graduating so why not let the world know with a graduation banner? Whether you intend to put your graduation banner up indoors or outdoors, our PVC banners are the perfect banners for graduation and at a really great price!

Be assured of a lasting memory with a Graduation Banner

At Print Android we print on to high quality, resilient PVC material. The graduation banner, if stored correctly, will act as lasting memory for years to come. Furthermore, with our PVC Banners being extremely durable the graduation banner can be displayed outside (with eyelets fitted as standard on our banners) so you can spread the word! Be assured that the inks we use are ecologically sound and will not fade in bright sunlight, or more likely knowing the British weather, wash off in a heavy downpour!

A variety of sizes are available

We are able to provide you a graduation banner in a variety of sizes, from our three standard sizes for PVC Banners – Small (6ftx2ft) Medium (8ftx3ft) and Large (12ftx3ft) – to custom sizes if you speak to one of our team. We are confident that you will be able to find a banner in the size you desire!

Banners for graduation are easy to order

At Print Android we make ordering simple. We can have your order completed and delivered for free to you within 4 working days. We can get banners delivered even quicker if you choose Express Delivery at the checkout. Alternatively, we can offer to design your graduation banner for you at an additional cost.

If you’d like to talk about your requirements with one of the team then we are happy to discuss these with you. Call us 01625 435 130 and we will try to assist in anyway possible!