Gaming Mats

At Banner Printing Android we are able to create a fully customised Gaming mats for game enthusiasts. Since X-Wing Podcast (A podcast covering the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game) enthusiastically endorsed us for creating a space mat for them we have dealt with a number of requests from fellow enthusiasts to create similar gaming mats for them and is now something we do regularly.

As we are a printers our gaming mats are far less expensive – just £30 (ex VAT) for a 3ft by 3ft mat – than those sold by hobby websites who have to purchase mats through suppliers. A further advantage is that we can also can print a gaming mat with any design you may require, for example one customer requested a Death Star graphic printing on their mat as part of a campaign they were playing through.


PVC is a perfect surface for space mats & Gaming Mats.

When we print space mats we print onto the same material we use for printing PVC Banners. This is a great quality non-slip material which allows for high quality images to be printed to it, ensuring your space mat will look just as you envisioned.

Another great thing about using PVC for a gaming mat is that when it is not being used it can be rolled up and put away until the next time it is used. All of the customised space mats are printed on to Stay Flat banner material, anti-curl technology which will ensure that the edges stay flat even after it has been rolled and flattened several times.

Our PVC mats have been strongly endorsed by those that have purchased them as being fit for purpose. This thread on Reddit backs up our claims about the quality of our products. Another satsified customer sent us this e-mail about the space mat they had purchased –

My mat (eyeless banner!) arrived, it’s great, thanks.

You may want to add that the mats are not slippery.

Some have only experienced the shiny, slippery vinyl and therefore believe that models/pieces/tokens placed on the map will skid all over the place at the slightest touch. This can cause them to be wary of printed vinyl mats.

I can confirm that your mats certainly do not suffer this problem.

S. Goh

Ordering a game mat is simple with Print Android

Perhaps the best part of ordering your space mat from us is how easy it is order from us. In fact the entire process can be done in three easy steps! Perhaps the best part of ordering your space mat from us is how easy it is order from us. In fact the entire process can be done in three easy steps!

1. Select the size and design of space mat you desire below. If you don't like any of our designs then there are great images at the European Southern Observatory or Hubble websites for free images you could use. We need the artwork for your space mat to be at 100dpi and to be 3598px by 3598px in size for a 3×3 mat or 3598px x 7197px for a 6x3ft mat. To use your own artwork just choose the relevant size 'custom artwork' below.

2. Select the design you require and you will be taken a screen where you can preview the quality of the space mat that we are providing. If you are happy then enter the quantity desired and press 'Check Out.' If you are uploading your own artwork you will do that at this step.

3. Move on to the next step by clicking 'Approve' next to the image of your space mat. Select which delivery option you want to use and complete your purchase! Things couldn't be any simpler!