Exhibition Stands

Portable & Modular Exhibition Stands 

Print Android have a wealth of experience when it comes to supplying exhibition stand solutions.  With a range of off-the-shelf and reconfigurable exhibition stands, together with a range of services and accessories, we can make things easier for you to organise your project.

Making Your Exhibition Stand Work For You

We have a number of great accessories including bespoke seating, literature holders and Ipad lecterns. Our services include design and installation, and together with a comprehensive array of accessories from bespoke seating to leaflets and Customer Enquiry forms, we'll help you with almost everything you need.

A Full Exhibitor Service

Our experience over the years means we have quite a number of services we can offer you.  We don't just print your exhibition stand then leave you fend for yourself, we can help you with those little things that make your exhibition project go that little bit smoother.

  • Comprehensive Installation Service
  • Storage and Logististics
  • 3D Design Service
  • Exhibition Printing

If you need help with any part of your exhibition project, please get in touch and we'll help you find solutions in time and within your budget.

Where to start...

If you are not yet sure if you are going for a simple pop-up stand or a modular stand, shell scheme or space only, let us help you make your decision.

The layout of your exhibition stand is important, and the practicalities of adding graphics to your display area will be dependent on what layout you decide on.  Pop-Up Stand design is relatively straight forward for an experienced designer and we include graphic specification for the pop up stands on their product pages.

For the modular exhibition stands we provide a 3D design of your layout according to the space you have and the number of walls you have on your stand.  This enables you to agree on what you would like to include in your stand display design and we can give you an accurate cost.  When the layout is approved your designer can add the graphics you would like, and use the dimensions we provide to create the print ready artwork.

Why Choose a Modular Exhibition Stand?

Choosing the right exhibition stand is crucial to having a successful event, and there are many reasons why a modular exhibition stand might be right for you.

You’ll be amazed with the quality and the price of our exhibition stand range. They can all be designed to suit your needs and budget, and all can be self assembled if you choose to. Our range starts at only £650, for a full exhibition stand which includes transit case, full high resolution graphics and spotlights. Whether its for you or your customer, we will make sure everything is right for your exhibition.

  • A fraction of the cost of a bespoke timber framed stand.
  • Reusable – you can pack it away and use it again.
  • Re-configurable – versatile enough to be reconfigured to fit any space.
  • You can install yourself saving more money.
  • Inclusive of transit cases, spotlights and high resolution graphics.

Installation of Your Exhibition Stand

Modular exhibition stands are easy to install, but it may be that time constraints dictate that you need someone else to do it for you. We make sure that everything is signed over to you in a satisfactory condition. If we are storing your exhibition stand we will also build your stand before the show to make sure everything is ready to go for the big event. If it isn’r, we’ll make sure it is. As printers, it means that we can re-print damaged graphics quickly and easily.

An exhibition stand can range from quite a large area with potentially a fixed frame with room for posters, tables and banners down to a small square area with less room which requires more innovative design ideas to get the most out of it. Exhibition stands can often include large banners, tables, leaflets and some can even include interactive elements such as games or challenges. Plenty of different techniques can be used to attract attention to stands but a great, simple and affordable option is utilising customisable banners to inform and sell a company or product.

Modular Means Cheap Exhibition Stands

Modular stands are cheap, but that doesn’t mean poor quality. Our range of exhibition stand styles that can be reconfigured to suit you, are guaranteed and will look superb. The graphics used are printed at high resolution, ensuring that your exhibition stand looks professional and eye catching. So much so, you probably won’t tell the difference between a modular exhibition stand and one that’s been designed and manufactured at a much more expensive cost.