Double Sided Roller Banners

For some people a single sided roller banner isn't the answer to their problems. A double sided roller banner can be used to display two separate graphics on the same system. This can be ideal where you are using roller banners in areas where there is a lot of footfall heading in different directions. Each graphic can be printed with different artwork at the same price giving a versatile solution for when more info needs to be displayed that can fit on a single 800mm roller banner. It is also ideal if you want to use different graphics in different locations - i.e. if you are pitching to two separate businesses you can have the relevant artwork on either side of the banner.

The graphics on these banners roll back up into the  base and can be carried using the padded bag which we supply with all roller banners. Due to the extra graphic the double sided banners are a little heavier than single sided roller banners.

The quality of the graphic is of the same high standard that we apply to all our products. We print onto 440gsm PVC material at a very high resolution. This gives you a double sided roller banner that looks great.

The Double Sided Roller Banners  are easy to put up and can be done easily by one person. The system comes with a bungee pole and reaches a height of 2120mm. The systems we provide come with a 12 month guarantee. With proper care and attention it should last for much longer.

If you do want to discuss your double sided roller banner needs with us please don’t hesitate to call on 01625 435 130.