Correx Signs

A low-cost Signage Solution

Correx or fluted plastic signs, are one of the most common examples of outdoor signage that you are likely to see day to day.  Correx signs are an affordable, durable signage solution which can be used again and again. They are easy to put up and easy for us to print in bulk. We often see them being used as  signs for retail businesses and more commonly as festival signs for car parks and directions.

Why use Correx or Fluted Plastic Signs?

  • Waterproof and completely weatherproof
  • Low cost material with excellent durability
  • Light which makes for easy shipping and  transit
  • Very low costs on when large orders are placed
  • Can be taken down and re-used
  • Easily attached to posts, fences and walls

Correx board comes in sheets of 10ft by 5 ft. This size is great for printing huge amounts of Correx signs at one time. This makes printing correx very efficient. The Correx is easily cut and finished using a guillotine so the signs can be set out to fit as many as possible on a sheet.

If you are looking for bulk orders, give the team a call for a bespoke quote.

How To Order Your Correx Signs

You can order your Correx signage easily in a variety of ways:

  1. Order online and upload your own artwork
  2. For bulk orders - Call our team on 01625 435130 for a bespoke quote
  3. Order online and "we'll design for you"

Various colours of Correx and fluted boards available

We can offer many different colours of Correx. This sometimes enables us to keep your costs down as we can print directly onto the colour of your choice. Whilst white remains the least expensive and most popular Correx sign, using bright yellow can sometimes be preferable to enhance the visibility of your message. However it is worth pointing out we can print almost any colour you require from your artwork or ours.