A-boards & Pavement Signs

Our A-boards and pavement signs come complete with waterproof posters or graphics and start from as little as £85.00.  Most of the A-boards have easy to change graphics, select a sign to learn more.

Our A-boards and pavement signs are highly robust and can be left outside in all weathers, day or night. We are sure that if take a look at our A-Boards selection below that you will find something that can help you bring more custom into your business! 

A-Boards & Pavement Signs at Low Prices

Our full range Pavement signs include signs that can can have posters inserted easily or have a fixed message printed to your own design.  There are also A-Boards that allow you to add simple posters to the two sides of your pavement signs, allowing you to easily and economically change your message on a regular basis - we can print your posters too, and all prices include the printed graphics.

We also have chalk boards which can be easily edited with liquid chalk - we can also supply the liquid chalk pens and chalk board cleaner!  Perfect for pubs and restaurants with an ever changing message. 

Which A-Board To Choose?

We've chosen a wide range of A-boards to suit the kind of use you need.  

You will notice that some A-boards have interchangeable posters that are easy to change and are perfect for you if you are going to change the message on your sign at any time.   Other A-boards have the message printed directly to them, such as our Classic Pavement Sign.  Your graphic will be more durable with this kind of A-board but it is more costly to change the graphic, should you wish to change the message.  

Choosing the size of your A-board may well be decided on the amount of space you have to display your sign.  Narrow pavements may mean your sign needs to be one of the smaller ones.  Most of the A-boards have a choice of sizes, including the forecourt signs, though these have quite large bases.

If you need any help with your decision, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team on 01625 435130.

Advice on Designing Your Pavement Sign.

There are one or two pointers to remember when designing your own pavement sign:

  • Save your artwork as a print-ready PDF to maintain quality.
  • Don't cram too much information onto the A-Board or no-one will read it!
  • Make sure your artwork is the right size compared to the A-Board.
  • Don't make the text too small.
  • Use vivid graphics, logo's or icons to instantly tell the passer-by what you sell.

If you need any help at all when you are designing your own pavement sign we are here to help, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01625 435 130.

We can design your A-board too...

Our designers are on-hand to take your brief and design your A-board for you* 

Simply send us as much detail as possible, including:

  • Any images you require in highest possible quality
  • An explanation of the layout, (or we can make that decision)
  • Any logo's or text you require
  • And let us know what the purpose of the A-Board is. eg To attract attention to a shop

*There is a charge of just £25 plus VAT to design your A-board graphics.  Please call 01625 435130 or email hello@printandroid.co.uk