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The X-Banner Stand - the cheapest banner on the market!

The X-Banner Stand is the cheapest banner stand in the market place. Its simple design enables a durable PVC banner to be fixed in each of its 4 corners to tension the banner to the 800mm width x 1800mm high size.

A great alternative to a cheap roller banner, the X-Banner Stand can be used in much the same way. It is quick and easy to put up and take down, and will do exactly the same job as a roller banner. Unlike the traditional pull up banners, the banner graphic and the hardware are completely separate. The banner graphic can be rolled up and stored with the X-Banner hardware. It comes with a carry bag to help in transit, giving even better value for money.

Why Is It The Cheapest Banner Stand?

The X-Banner Stand may not suit those used to, or looking for more traditional roller banners. The X-Banner Stand uses a standard PVC material which is very durable and hardwearing, however it does not slide from the base cassette but is attached via 4 eyelets in each corner of the graphic. Unlike other Roller Banners the X-banner stand uses a 440gsm PVC as graphic material. 

Uses for the X-banner Stand

The X-banner Stand can be used both indoors and outdoors, as there are no moving parts. If used outdoors, it will need to be properly secured as the banner stand is very light. The most common usage for these stands are in 1 or 2 day exhibitions or as displays in office receptions.

This system can also replace roller banners for short to medium term directional signage, wedding reception or event reception welcome signs. This banner stand will last though, and many of our clients use this system for many, many years.

Need help with design?

If you are designing your own X-Banner graphic, see the specification from our pre-press team, which will help you get the best possible quality graphic. If you would like our designers to professionally design your banner stand, you can order this here too. Simply select the “We Design For You” button during the order process.

If you need any help at all, we are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to leave us a message on chat or email, or call the team on 01625 435130 and we’ll do our very best to help you.

The visible area of the X-Banner is 800mm wide x 1800mm high

Click on the following link to download a PDF with a full artwork specification -
use this specification when creating your artwork to achieve the best results when your X-Banner is produced.

CLICK HERE to download artwork specification for X-Banner Stand

Create your artwork at the actual size of the finished product, or scaled proportionally.

The best resolution for images is 100dpi at full size.
(If you work at a scaled size you need to allow for the enlargement: SO if your artwork is at 25% size then the image resolution needs to be 400dpi.)

DO NOT add bleed
DO NOT add crop/trim marks
DO NOT send artwork which floats in a larger area.
DO NOT include anything on the artwork that you do not want to be printed on the final banner.

Save a copy of your artwork to send to us. You can send:

PDF FILES - should be in pdf version 1.5 or higher, with all fonts embedded.
DO NOT SAVE DOWN TO PDF VERSION 1.3 - this is likely to reduce the quality of your artwork.

If you are using PHOTOSHOP, flatten your file and save it as a .TIF file, using LZW compression,
or as a .JPG using the HIGHEST QUALITY setting, and send this file.