Premium 800mm Roller Banner

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A Top Quality Roller Banner

The Premium 800mm Roller Banner (similar to the Barracuda Roller Banner) has proven time and again to be a reliable roller banner for regular use. We have seen the Premium 800mm used as a POS display and as part of exhibition displays. This premium pull up banner is popular with our customers who need a reliable roller banner time after time. And with the range of options on offer you'll understand why! 

As a premium product this has some of the best features of any roller banner. With a stylish base it will not look out of place in any location. The look of the system is enhanced by the feet of the system being hidden under the 800mm base.  This lowers the footprint of the roller banner and prevents a trip hazard. 

Another great feature of the Premium 800mm Roller Banner is the adjustable graphic height. With a hybrid telescopic pole you can alter the height of the banner. The height can be adjusted from a minimum of 1600mm to 2150mm. This gives you a range of options when it comes to design your artwork. 

A Roller Banner with guaranteed durability

 The system even has an in built tool to keep your graphic taut, something no other system offers. This ratchet allows you to re-tension the graphic when the pull up banner loses it's tension - something that would signal the end of a roller banners life on other units.  This obviously adds to it's durability, and these will last in excess of 10 years if they are treated with care.  We are also able to replace the graphics on the Premium 800mm with ease when you want to change your message. 

High Quality Printing at the cheapest price

The graphic for the Premium 800mm is printed on the same high quality light block PVC which we use on all our products. This enhances the look of the unit and ensures a professional look.

We offer the world's best roller banner system at a great price. We include the system, graphic and a carry bag. This represents great value for money and is a great investment! If you do want to discuss your roller banner needs with us please don’t hesitate to call on 01625 435 130. We can also design your premium roller banner if you don't know any graphic designers.

The visible area of the 800mm Premium Roller Banner is 800mm wide x 2150mm(max) high

Click on the following link to download a PDF with a full artwork specification -
use this specification when creating your artwork to achieve the best results when your roller banner is produced.

DOWNLOAD artwork specification for 800mm Premium Roller Banner (PDF)

Create your artwork at the actual size of the finished product, or scaled proportionally.

The best resolution for images is 100dpi at full size.
(If you work at a scaled size you need to allow for the enlargement: SO if your artwork is at 25% size then the image resolution needs to be 400dpi.)

DO NOT add bleed
DO NOT add crop/trim marks
DO NOT send artwork which floats in a larger area.
DO NOT include anything on the artwork that you do not want to be printed on the final banner.

Save a copy of your artwork to send to us. You can send:

PDF FILES - should be in pdf version 1.5 or higher, with all fonts embedded.
DO NOT SAVE DOWN TO PDF VERSION 1.3 - this is likely to reduce the quality of your artwork.

If you are using PHOTOSHOP, flatten your file and save it as a .TIF file, using LZW compression,
or as a .JPG using the HIGHEST QUALITY setting, and send this file.