H20 Swingmaster

  • Double sided outdoor forecourt sign, available in two sizes.
  • Steel reinforced rounded corners.
  • Posters are secured by 32mm aluminium snap frame profile.
  • Protective pads stop damage to underside of base. 
  • Quick and easy assembly, no tools required. 
  • Wheels in base allow unit to be manoeuvred into position.
  • Water fillable base gives great stability even in adverse weather conditions.

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H20 Swingmaster

At Banner Printing Android we are proud to bring the H20 Swingmaster signage system to our range. The Swingmaster is one of the best signage systems on the market today and can be counted on to give you sterling performances for years to come. Whatever weather conditions are thrown at it, the Swingmaster will take it all, come sun, rain or snow.

Available in a choice of two sizes, either A0 or A1, the Swingmaster is the answer to your pavement signage needs. A water base keeps the Swingmaster firmly in position, whilst the graphics are free to move in the wind. 

The Swingmaster comes with a double sided graphic panel, meaning that there is total coverage. Whichever way people are walking down the street you can be guaranteed that they will see your message. To protect the graphics a layer of acetate is provided and the frame around the posters are reinforced to prevent accidental damage.


All of our pavement signs are with the client in 4 working days if you choose Free Delivery. We offer a 48hr Delivery service if you select this option at the checkout and pay an extra £15. We can also deliver on a Saturday morning for £25 (orders must be placed pre 12pm on a Thursday.) 

Need extra help?

If you need any extra help in ordering your signs then just get in touch with our team. Give them a call on 01625 435 130. They are happy to discuss all your needs! We can also design your pavement signage if you don't know any graphic designers.

How to supply the best artwork – to get the best result

We want to provide you with the best quality print, and the better the artwork you send to us, the better able we will be to do just that.


Create your artwork at the actual size of the finished product, or scaled proportionally.
A0 is 840mm x 1189mm
A1 is 594mm x 840mm
PDF templates of these sizes can be downloaded by clicking on these links.
A0 Template - A1 Template


About 20 millimetres of the poster will be obscured by the snap frame at each of the 4 edges - so make sure your design allows for this.
Consider where your sign will be positioned - (for example: don't make text too small to read if the sign is to be seen from moving traffic)


The best resolution for high quality images is 100dpi at full size. (For outdoor signs not viewed close up this can be lower).
(If you work at a scaled size you need to allow for the enlargement: SO for example - if your artwork is at 25% size then the best quality image resolution would be 400dpi.)


You do not need to add bleed - but if you do, then make sure that there are cut marks to show the trim area of the poster.
DO NOT send artwork which floats in a larger area.
DO NOT include anything on the artwork that you do not want to be printed on the final sign.

Save a copy of your artwork to send to us.
You can send:

PDF FILES - should be in pdf version 1.5 or higher, with all fonts embedded - standard design software will normally embed fonts by default.
DO NOT SAVE DOWN TO PDF VERSION 1.3 - this is likely to reduce the quality of your artwork.

If you are using PHOTOSHOP do not save as a pdf, but flatten your file and save it as a .TIF file, using LZW compression,
or as a .JPG using the HIGHEST QUALITY setting, and send this file.