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Select a Size of PVC banner

We’ve made it as easy as possible to order a custom sized PVC banner.  Using the green buttons (top right) you can get an instant banner price.  Selecting the "INSTANT QUOTE" button will take you to a page where you can select any size PVC banner in any measurement.

We print all our banners onto a premium 510gsm banner material as standard, without any extra cost.  We believe that by printing onto this premium PVC will enhance the look of your banner and it will last much longer.  All hems are welded and eyelets are reinforced to give you an incredibly durable custom sized pvc banner at a very low price.

Please note: We can print as long as you like!.. but anything taller than 3.1m wide is a special order - Please call us on 01625 435130 to discuss.

Need A Custom PVC Banner Designing?

You can also grab an instant price for a PVC banner where we will design it for you.  There is a small cost, but if you can supply your text, images and logo's we can design your banner at a great price.  When you make your order you can upload your images and logo's and leave us a brief to design your banner especially for you.  

When we have designed your banner, we will then send your design to you for approval.  We can then go ahead, or if you need any amendments at this stage we can submit the design to you again.

Printing Banners

All of our banners are printed onto 510gsm PVC Material. This particular PVC is both light and durable. This makes it ideal to roll up and store and very easy to carry, whilst being able to cope with long periods of time outside in all types of weather. This means that our banners can be used both indoor and outdoor conditions. If you are going to want to hang the banner up we suggest that we select eyelets as part of the finishing. We can also supply cable ties for an extra £1.90 if you need a way of attaching the custom sized PVC banner to your preferred surface.

All of our banners are with the client in 4 working days if you choose Free Delivery. We offer a 48hr Delivery service if you select this option at the checkout.

Need extra help?

If you need any extra help in ordering your custom sized PVC banner then just get in touch with our team. Give them a call on 01625 435 130. They are happy to discuss all your needs! We can also design your banner for you if you can't do it yourself.

How to supply the best PVC banner artwork – to make the best banner

We want to provide you with the best quality banner, and the better the artwork you send to us, the better able we will be to do just that.

SIZE MATTERS - Create your artwork at the actual size of the finished product, or scaled proportionally.
(for example - artwork that is long and narrow will not look good on a square banner) 

The best resolution for images is 100dpi at full size.
(If you work at a scaled size you need to allow for the enlargement: SO if your artwork is at 25% size then the image resolution needs to be 400dpi.)

REMEMBER TO ALLOW SPACE AT THE EDGES FOR EYELETS - these are placed by an automatic system, so you must keep important matter such as logos and text at least 40mm from the edge of your banner to reduce the risk of having an eyelet obscuring something.

DO NOT add bleed
DO NOT add crop/trim marks
DO NOT send artwork which floats in a larger area.
DO NOT include anything on the artwork that you do not want to be printed on the final banner.

Save a copy of your artwork to send to us. You can send:

PDF FILES - should be in pdf version 1.5 or higher, with all fonts embedded.
DO NOT SAVE DOWN TO PDF VERSION 1.3 - this is likely to reduce the quality of your artwork.

If you are using PHOTOSHOP, flatten your file and save it as a .TIF file, using LZW compression,
or as a .JPG using the HIGHEST QUALITY setting, and send this file.