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Budget 1.5m wide roller banner

If you need a roller banner double the width of a regular roller banner then a 1.5 metre wide roller banner is right for your needs. With 3 square metres of graphical coverage the 1.5 metre wide roller banner offers some of the best price per square metre out of the roller banners we offer. 

As part of the 'Budget' family of roller banners the 1.5 metre wide shares many features with the rest of the range. The graphic is stored inside a tough Anodised silver base. Stability for the banner is provided by two twist out feet are fitted to the base. This gives the unit excellent balance and stability and will prevent your banner from falling over.

Quality printed graphics

The quality of the graphic is the same high standard that we apply to all our roller banners. We print using light block, anti-curl PVC material at high resolution. This gives you a finished roller banner that looks fantastic! The graphic for the 1.5 metre wide roller banner has a total visible area of 1500mm by 2000mm. This gives you a 87.5% increase in visible square metre space when compared to a standard 800mm sized roller banner. 

When it comes to erecting the banner the 1.5m wide is easy to put up. The graphic slides out of the roller base and is then supported with two bungee pole. This is a simple process which can be done by a single person. The unit is light and can easily be moved and transported by just one person.

Get in touch

The 1.5 metre wide roller banner is perfect if you need an extra wide banner. If you do want to discuss your wide roller banner needs with us please don’t hesitate to call on 01625 435 130. We can also design your budget 1.5m wide banner for you if you don't know any graphic designers. 

The visible area of the Budget 1.5m Wide Roller Banner is 1500mm wide x 2000mm high

Click on the following link to download a PDF with a full artwork specification -
use this specification when creating your artwork to achieve the best results when your roller banner is produced.

CLICK HERE to download artwork specification for 1.5m Budget Roller Banner (PDF)

Create your artwork at the actual size of the finished product, or scaled proportionally.

The best resolution for images is 100dpi at full size.
(If you work at a scaled size you need to allow for the enlargement: SO if your artwork is at 25% size then the image resolution needs to be 400dpi.)

DO NOT add bleed
DO NOT add crop/trim marks
DO NOT send artwork which floats in a larger area.
DO NOT include anything on the artwork that you do not want to be printed on the final banner.

Save a copy of your artwork to send to us. You can send:

PDF FILES - should be in pdf version 1.5 or higher, with all fonts embedded.
DO NOT SAVE DOWN TO PDF VERSION 1.3 - this is likely to reduce the quality of your artwork.

If you are using PHOTOSHOP, flatten your file and save it as a .TIF file, using LZW compression,
or as a .JPG using the HIGHEST QUALITY setting, and send this file.

The video below shows the 800mm Budget banner - the principle is the same for putting up the Budget 1.5 metre Wide banner.

Wide roller banners, especially those models which have 2 poles,
should be put up by 2 people, to be sure of being in full control.