60th Birthday Banner White

  • Custom message to create a unique 60th birthday banner
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  • Printed on great quality PVC.
  • Choose from 3 sizes
  • Can be used both indoors and outside.

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60th Birthday PVC banner template 

Do you know anyone who'll soon be celebrating their 60th Birthday? Great news! Our 60th Birthday Banner allows you to create a custom banner with a birthday message of up to 1000 characters on it.

Printing the 60th Birthday Banner

Our 60th Birthday Banner comes in three different sizes - 6ft x 2ft8ft x 3ft and 12ft x 3ft. The banner is produced with high quality 510gsm PVC which is fire retardant. This PVC is both light and long lasting. This means the banner is both easy to roll up and store,  and also makes it easy to carry around. Using this type of material means that your banner can cope with long periods of time outside, regardless of the weather. This means that our banners can be used both indoor and out, so if you want to publicly announce a 60th birthday then our banners are perfect! If you're going to want to attach the banner to something (if you want to use them as a party decoration) we'd suggest that you select eyelets as part of the finishing choices. It's also got the added benefit of being easy to wipe clean. This means that if it gets dirty or has fluids splashed on it, then a bit of warm water will get your banner looking brand new. This is great if you'd like to keep the banner as a memento of their 60th birthday.

Here to help!

If you'd like to look at other templates we have that may be suitable for personalised birthday banners then check our birthday banners page. We have many different styles of birthday banner templates. We can also design a banner for you if our templates don't meet your requirements. We are here to help you, out so don't hesitate to call us on 01625 435 130 or use our contact form to get in touch.