Is Your Banner Artwork Correct?

As well as offering a FREE design online feature, our Repro team can offer a £5 artwork check for your PVC banner, Correx signage or any other printed product available on this website.

Why do I need an artwork check?

If you're not an experienced graphic designer, or you don't fully understand the artwork requirements that your printer offers, then it makes commercial sense to ensure that your print is fit for purpose. If you've fiddled about for hours in your design package, and are happy with what's on screen, but on receiving the print, thought "that's not quite how I thought it would turn out" then for £5 we can make sure that doesn't happen.

What can go wrong with your artwork?

So many things can impact how your final printed piece looks. Inexperience with design packages and making print ready files are the biggest problem. One of the worst culprits are fonts that aren't correctly embedded being substituted for others (Top tip: convert your fonts to outlines if you get a warning from your design package - don't ignore it!). Colours are a big big problem for the inexperienced designer - more often than not, people who've come from a background in web design often don't understand why the colours on screen are so far away from what ends up being printed. Low quality logos taken from your email signature will not come out well when they get blown up 20 times for your banner or roller banner. There are a whole host of challenges facing designers, and we can help stop any dissapointment before you pay and display your printed piece in front of your audience. Nobody likes looking bad in front of their potential customers...

What can you expect from our artwork check?

We will check your work and will email you as to whether we find any problems with your artwork or not. We don't send proofs unless you specifically ask for them to be sent. If there are problems, we'll plainly explain what they are and what you could do to avoid them - our advice is certainly worth it as we design and print banners day in and day out - it's what we do!!

Get in touch

Contact us on 01625 435130 about your project and we'll talk to you about you how to get the best results when buying your printed piece...

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