Your Exhibition Starter Kit

First Time Exhibitions

If you’re about to take a stand at an exhibition or trade show, here’s a quick guide to what you need to know. Especially if you’re doing this for the first time.

Obviously superb banners and other stand graphics are all-important, and Banner Printing Android is here to keep your visual impact high and your costs low. But what else will help you have a successful show?

Financial support

If the exhibition or show is outside the UK, you may be able get financial support via UK trade and Investment (UKTI). Check it out the Tradeshow Access Programme at

Know what you want to achieve

Are you setting out to meet specific people or talk to as many prospects as possible? Maybe you’re expecting to make firm sales. Perhaps you just want to drum up general interest or get to know the competition. Whatever your goals, have them clear in your mind and you’re more likely to achieve them.

Know who’s going to be there

Ask for a list of attendees from the organisers. Then you’ll know who to target from the start, and you can send out “let’s meet up” messages by email, mailshot or social channels.

Think carefully about your stand

It’s your shop window while you’re at the event, so get the layout and graphics right. Remember the old adage “less is more”. Don’t clutter the space or make the graphics too busy. And don’t let furniture or other items get in the way and make the stand look uninviting. Get off the stand for a moment and see how it looks to someone walking towards it.

Don’t attend alone

You can’t afford to leave your exhibit unattended, so running an exhibition stand throughout a long day is a job for at least two people.

Make the most of pre-show publicity

The organisers are very likely to offer you advertising, sponsorship and other marketing opportunities around the event. Take the right ones up and you’ll increase awareness of your attendance and drive traffic to the stand.

Use social media

Make the most of the show’s Facebook, Twitter or Linked In presence. Discovering the event hashtag is an effective short cut to connecting with other attendees and seeing what people are saying.

Don’t neglect business cards

Even in the digital age, handing out business cards is still an effective way to break the ice and get your essential information into (literally) the right hands. And a bowl or other receptacle that visitors can drop their business cards into is an essential stand accessory.

Have something people can take away

Brochures, flyers, samples, freebies… And there’s always the cunning old trick of providing a smart branded bag that visitors can use to carry all the other stuff they’ve picked up.

Offer a prize

Everyone loves the chance to win something, so attract them with a draw or competition. There’s no better way to gather data.

Provide refreshments

People are going to get their cuppa or glass of something somewhere, so they might as well be discovering what you have to offer at the same time.

Take comfy shoes

Standing about is an inevitable aspect of being on a stand, so have some alternative footwear to change into, especially if you’re wearing heels.

Quick, follow up all those leads you gathered

Your stand has been the hit of the show. That means you met a lot of hot prospects, so get back to them as soon as you can (if not sooner). You can bet your life the other people they met will be in touch, so get to the front of the queue.

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