What was 2018’s best World Cup kit, and what’s that got to do with banners?

World Cup Kits 2018

A successful banner is like a popular football kit, discuss. OK we will, because the link is less tenuous than you’re probably thinking right now.

Sales, sales, sales

Take the 2018 World Cup outfit that was winning all the pre-tournament popularity polls: the almost psychedelic Nigeria kit. It electrifies the usual Super Eagles green with retro zig-zags, and Nike reported that it had sold out within three hours of being available to buy.

There you have it. The big connection between football shirts and promotional banners is that they are both judged on the sales they drive. And they achieve their success by being distinctive, sending a clear message and being in tune with their target market.

Be iconic

It’s no coincidence that the truly great international football kits, like Brazil’s classic yellow and blue or Argentina’s ‘albiceleste’, are often described as iconic. They barely change from decade to decade, with just a little fine tuning of details to keep them current and make each ‘edition’ different.

Brazil vs Argentina

A successful banner can work in a very similar way, as long as you have an established brand or a proven sales message. You just need to remind people what you’re all about, and do it in the right place at the right time. You can afford to be quietly confident and understated; just don’t let it turn into complacency. That’s arguably what happened to both teams this year.

Or be dramatic

Others, like the Nigeria 2018 strip, are much more dramatically distinctive and unusual. That works because Nigeria is a much less established brand than Brazil, so they have to work harder to stand out and get noticed.

Croatia is the supreme example of this principle in action. When the small Balkan nation gained independence in 1990, they burst onto the football scene with that instantly recognisable red and white chequerboard pattern. It’s so attractive we can almost forgive them for beating England in that fateful semi-final!

If you’re a Nigeria/Croatia underdog style business, you need banners and other marketing materials that catch the eye, grab people’s attention and make them notice you. In short, you need the kind of creativity and quality Banner Printing Android will always deliver. (Think of us as the Luka Modric of printers.)

But don’t be Senegal

We mention poor old Senegal just to demonstrate that it’s all too possible to get things wrong. Their white shirt with a lion watermark was voted worst kit of the tournament by GQ and others.

Senegal kit 2018

There’s a fine balance between being different enough to get noticed and trying too hard or just being a bit naff. All the more reason to put your printing requirements in the hands of proven professionals like Spiral and Banner Printing Android.