Roll up, roll up. The ultimate roller banner guide.

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Roller banners, also called event banners and sometimes personalised banners, are a familiar sight if you’ve ever attended a trade show or conference. Any kind of event in fact.

Your message is generally displayed using high quality print on an easy-to-roll substrate. This is attached to a robust yet lightweight metal stand. As the name suggests, the display can be rolled up and stored when not in use.

The main advantages of roller banners are portability and re-usability. Once you’ve had a banner produced, you’ll be able to use it time and time again, and get it from place to place with minimal transport cost or hassle. This also makes them highly cost effective of course.

Make your message stand out

Display of any kind is about getting your message noticed. A roller banner makes it stand out in the most literal sense: the frame turns a flat poster into an three dimensional display, making bright, bold, eye catching design even more unmissable. That’s why roller banners excel at adding extra ooomph to the promotion of a new product or forthcoming event. Great for bringing brand presence to a reception area too.

Pull-up banners

This is the commonest type of roller banner, in which the canvas is pulled up from the base of the stand, rolling out to present your message. The display is held firmly in place by the aluminium frame, so there’s no need to worry about flapping or curling.

When not in use, the display is tucked neatly away and kept in mint condition inside a robust carry bag. Pull-up roller banner options include:

  • Black pull up: a traditional design with a sleek aluminium stand and simple frame
  • Wide pull up: featuring a larger display for maximum impact – perfect for big, dramatic reveals
  • Premium pull up: printed on the finest quality matt coated vinyl to minimise any risk of glare
  • Double sided: banners printed on two pieces of vinyl, attached back to back – giving your graphics maximum visibility from whichever direction people approach it.

L banners

This is an excellent alternative to pull-ups if you have extra space to play with. The wider stand makes your design stand out…erm…outstandingly.

Pull out all the stops and go large

If you really want impact, it’s worth considering upgrading your roller banners and commissioning a full-on exhibition stand. Pop-up stands are surpisingly affordable and will certainly transform your presence at any event you are attending. These come in two types: the pop-up stand, and the pop-up tower.

Pop-up stands and towers

Think of a pop-stand as your portable wall of advertising, They can be up to 500cm wide and 200cm tall; a truly imposing presence for your brand and messaging.

When you don’t want to (or can’t) occupy much floor space, high is the way to go. A tall, multi-sided pop-up tower features three panels, perfect for wrap-around messaging. Towers are up to 2 metres high, ideal for dominating a crowded venue. Like all roll-up banners and pop-up stands, they are easy to assemble and transport, coming complete with a trolley and storage compartments.

Quality counts

A poor quality roll-up banner or stand from an inferior supplier can be a serious false economy. Pitfalls to watch out for include the tendency of cheap material to curl when rolled out. A flimsy substrate can also undermine your credibility with show-through. If light pours through the canvas from behind, the all-important graphics and messaging might as qwell not be there.

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