Tips on Building your Brand Through Print


Brands are a big subject. That must be true because quite a few people earn a good living by being brand experts, consultants and other types of guru. However, if you run a small, unassuming business, it’s tempting to believe that you don’t need to worry about being a brand; that’s strictly for the big boys.

Not true. Every organisation with a name and a logo is a brand. And if you’re not making the most of your brand (or even admitting that you have one), that means you’re neglecting an important aspect of your business. It’s like having a shop window and putting nothing in it.

We can help

Now for the good news, work with smart, resourceful people such as Spiral and Banner Printing Android and you can build your brand without even speaking to a consultant, let alone paying money to one. (You can save that for when success has made you a much bigger business.) We have a wealth of experience in helping customers to boost their brand awareness and sales with the pure power of print, so here are our top tips.

Know who your customers are

Think about who you’re trying to appeal to; analyse who buys what you’re offering and why. Now you’re ready to tailor your branding and your messages to the only people who matter – existing and potential customers. You may even end up with a logo, a colour or a message you don’t personally like. It doesn’t matter as long as paying customers respond to it.

Know who you are

Marketing experts talk about Brand Essence, but all it means is knowing what your brand stands for; understanding what appeals to your customers. Once you’ve worked that out, you’re on your way.

Keep it simple. Really simple.

Take the really successful brand slogans as your model. They are very clever, but in a particular way: they’re brilliantly simple. If your message is more complicated that “Does exactly what it says on the tin”, “Should have gone to Specsavers” or “Every little helps”, you need to simplify it. Too much information is counter-productive. The golden rule is “Say One Thing Well.”

Get the basics right

Is your chosen typeface easy to read? Are people understanding what you’re telling them? Is everything spelt correctly? This stuff really matters.

Quality counts

When a banner (for example) is beautifully printed, kept clean and smart and features the right words and the right image, you stand a chance. Anything less and you’re giving people an opportunity to ignore  it or dismiss it. Because they’re much more interested in what’s for dinner, last night’s telly or that attractive person walking towards them.

Naturally we’re now going to add that working with us at Spiral and Banner Printing Android is the simplest, surest way to secure a piece of print that makes you feel proud and delivers a decent return on your investment.