Wedding Fayre Banners

Great prices on banners for your Wedding Fayre!

Are you organising a wedding fayre? These shows are becoming more frequent in the UK. The website Hitched reports that on average 220 wedding shows take place around the country each month. As the public is spoiled for choice as to which shows to go to there is a need to make sure that your show is publicised to it’s full potential. Wedding fayre banners can assist in making sure that as many people as possible know about the event!
wedding fayre banner

Typical wedding fayre banners.

Most wedding fayre banners that we print are printed onto standard PVC banners which is perfect for usage both indoors and outdoors. The PVC material is durable and will be capable of surviving the length of time you need it for.

There is also the option of using reflective banners which have the advantage of being much more visible at night. The reflective banners are more expensive but the increased likelihood of the public seeing them is a price some customers are willing to pay!

Designing your wedding fayre banners.

If you are wanting to design a banner to promote your wedding fayre then you should be sure to include a few key points. The time and date of the event is a must. The venue should be clearly legible as should the fact that it is indeed a wedding show! Here’s an example of a banner we recently printed that covers these design basics. (The venue is on the left side of the photo and is obscured by the angle)
wedding fayre banners

Order wedding fayre banners.

If you choose to order one of the PVC Banners to promote your wedding fayre then you are able to do this online. Just click onto PVC banners . Select the size and number of banners you require! When it comes to selecting the artwork you have three options.

1) Use our Design Online option. – The design online tool allows you to design a banner using one of our ready made templates. This is great if you need a banner in a hurry!

2) Send us your artwork. – If you have produced your own artwork for the banner you can send this to us and we will print it.

3) We can design the artwork for you. – We can create a great wedding fayre banner for you at a far lower cost than you might imagine. All we need from you is a design brief and we will put together an eye-catching banner which is sure to get publicity for you.

By using any of the three options to order online you also get free delivery with 4 working days turn around! This makes the value of our banners even better! We can also offer Express Delivery which will ensure that your banners reach you in just 2 working days at a cost of just £15. (£25 for parcels over a metre in length.)

If you would like to order reflective wedding fayre banners then just head to the reflective banners page. We are unable to offer the ‘Design Online’ option for Reflective Banners, but again you can upload your own artwork or we can design them for you.

Need Further Help?

If you require help when it comes to ordering wedding fayre banners don’t hesitate to call our team. Just give us a call on 01625 435 130!