Keep it Simple

Simple is Often Better

We really like the simple yet effective design of the IKAWA roller banner. Sometimes less is more!

simple banner

Keeping it Simple

Having too many colours, too much information or images can often confuse potential customers. This can lead to them not interacting with your roller banner which can lose out on potential custom. The roller banner above leaves the viewer wondering what it is about, it makes you want to find out more. The relevant IKAWA information has been added onto the banner for this exact reason, so that people can find out what the banner is about. This leas to traffic on their website and hopefully new custom!

simple roller banner

Create Your Own!

Why not create your own roller banner? We have an online design tool available to create the perfect banner for any business or event. Use custom backgrounds, text, fonts, images, logos and colours to create an amazing roller banner.

No time to Design?

If you don’t have the time to create your own banner, don’t worry, we have our own design team here to help! Give the team a few details about your business or event and they will get to work on the perfect roller banner.

easy roller banner design

FREE Delivery

Along with a high quality roller banner, you will receive FREE UK Mainland Delivery. If that isn’t enough, you will also receive a FREE Carry Case with your roller banner to transport it to and from different events.

Contact Banner Printing Android

If you would like to hear more information about nay of the products that we have available, or would like our design team to go ahead and create your   bespoke banner, please give our friendly team a call on 01625 435 130. You can also get in touch with us by emailing Don’t forget, sometimes simple is better!


Printed Gradient Problems

Printing Problems, Let us help

If you’re having a few printed gradient problems, then chances are you are suffering from this.  It’s possible to change but you may need to discuss with our pre-press department before printing.  Wide format printing, particularly on banners and roller banners can be problematic when gradients are used… This problem is called PostScript Stepping

Problems With Printed Gradients

PostScript Stepping

This colour stepping is an inevitable result of having very slight colour gradients across a large distance.

On colour printing machines, tints are achieved by printing the process colours in a dot pattern, where larger dots create a darker tint, and smaller dots a lighter tint.

The dots themselves are made up of a number of pixels – and there are, in most technologies, 256 pixels to each dot. In a solid colour all the pixels are coloured in, whereas in a 50% tint the dot is made by colouring 50% of the pixels – i.e. 128 pixels.

EXAMPLE: If you make a gradient where one of the process colours starts at 10% (26 pixels) and grades to 5% (13 pixels) then there are only 13 steps available to create the gradient. (26 -13 = 13). If this gradient is across a short distance the eye does not see the steps and believes it to be a smooth gradient. But if you stretch this 13 step gradient across, for example, 13 inches then there will be one step per inch, and the human eye will see them. They never teach designers this at college.

The fact that the bands themselves appear to change colour within their width is an optical illusion. In the step wedge below, each rectangle is a constant flat shade, but the optical illusion makes it seem as if each rectangle goes darker from left to right.

Problems with printed gradients

Resolving the Issue

My own suggestion to improve the artwork in question would be simply to make each of the triangles in the graphic a flat colour. The gradients within them are so small as to be virtually un noticeable anyway, and flat tints would remove the stepping issue.

Contact Banner Printing Android

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch about any of the products on our website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 01625 435 130. Also, feel free to get in touch with us by emailing

Customise Your Own Bar Banner

See our range of fantastic bar banners for you customise. Personalise your bar graphic by editing text and adding images as well as having FREE Delivery on all items!

Customise your bar banner

Gain More Custom with your Bar Banner

Having a bespoke banner outside your bar can really turn heads and bring in new customers. There are different ways that you could entice new customers, for example with new offers, advertising ‘The Big Game” or simply letting everyone know that you are under new management. The list is endless for you to gain more custom!

big game banner

Customise Your Bar Banner today!

Customising your own banner couldn’t be easier and can be done in just minutes by following our four simple steps below.

1: Select bar banner design

2: Choose the size of your banner

3: Customise banner by editing text and adding an image to selected banners

4: Save and checkout, it really is as simple as that!

In-house Banner Design

If you’ve not been able to find a banner that you would like to customise, we can still help. We have an in-house design team ready to design you a brand new bespoke banner from scratch. By giving our team a few details and images or logos, they will have your banner designed and created in no time!

Portrait Roller Banner

If there isn’t enough room to fit your landscape banner, why not try a roller banner. Our roller banners are made from high quality material and can be placed in small spaces. They are easy to install and take down and you can also design your own online with our Online Design Tool.

pop up bar banner

Free UK Mainland Delivery

Every single item on our website comes with FREE UK Mainland Delivery. This is so that you aren’t faced with any unexpected charges during the checkout stages. If you were to order a roller banner from our website, you will also receive a FREE Carry Case to easily transport your banner.

High Quality Bar Banners

All of our banners are made from high quality pvc material. They are also printed with high quality uv inks to ensure that the design on your banner doesn’t fade. The banners are also lightweight and weatherproof making them easy to install either inside or outside.

Contact Banner Printing Android

Want us to go ahead and design you a new bar banner? Want to hear more about our products? Feel free to call our team on 01625 435 130 or email

Create a Banner In Minutes!

Create your Banner in Minutes!

Create a banner in just a few minutes with our online design tool.  Its free to use and easy to do.  Give it a go!

create a banner

Our online design tool is a quick way to create a professional banner design and have it printed at cheap PVC banner prices.

How Do I Design A Banner?

We’ve made it a very simple process. We’ve split the pre-designed templates up into different categories. If you would like to design a banner for a birthday party, you can choose the birthday banner category.  Or if you are looking for an outdoor banner to show off OFSTED results, you can look through the Schools banner templates.  You can select your design and start to personalise it.

5 Easy Steps To Customise & Create Your Banner

Step 1 – Head on over to design your own banner

Step 2 – Click the ‘Design Online’ green button

Step 3 – Select a category to choose your design from

Step 4 – Choose a template from one of many & customise

Step 5 – Save & Checkout (please make sure you have proof read your text before checking out)

All of our banners come with FREE UK Mainland delivery!

create a banner

Choose & Create Your Banner

Easy to use, Easy to Design

We’ve made it very easy to design your own banner from our free banner templates. You can type your text then click UPDATE and your banner will begin to take shape.

If there aren’t any designs that you like the look of, we can design one for you. Just give our experienced design team a call, give them a few details about what your are looking for and they will design for you in no time.

Have you already designed your own artwork? If so, great! Feel free to head over to create a banner now.

Other Products Available

As well as customising your own PVC banner, we also have many other customisable products available at Banner Printing Android. From roller banners to exhibition stands, if it can be printed, we can create it!

Contact Us

If you’d like to find out more information about our available banners or any other products on our website, don’t hesitate to get in touch or call 01625 435130


Pop Up Banner Design

Design Tips for Pop Up Banners

Need help with your Pop-Up Banner design? We’ve got your back! Whether you are designing your own, designing a pop-up banner online or would like us design it for you, we’re here to help.

pop up banner design

If you need any support, templates or advice when designing your own pop-up banner, give the team a call on 01625 435130.  We’re here to help deliver some great printing!

A few helpful hints to help you design a pop-up banner

Print your Pop Up Banner Design at the highest quality with Banner Printing Android

1 – Keep the Branding at the top of the Pop Up Banner

Having your companies branding at eye level near the top of your banner brings attention to the public. It’s the first thing that you want potential customers to see and remember.

pop up banner design

2 – Keep It Simple

Instead of filling your banner with tonnes of information that can later be provided by your team, keep wording down to a minimum so potential customers can see and remember key points!

Your roller banner may be one of many if you’re going to use it for an exhibition or event, so people aren’t going to have time to stop and read all of the facts.

design for pop up banner

3 – Colour

When it comes to adding colours to your pop up banner, we would only recommend using two or three. This is because we don’t want to confuse the person viewing your banner.

Having too many colours could put the viewer off and make them draw attention elsewhere. We’d also recommend using brighter colours such as orange and red to help stand out from the rest. Try to avoid using yellow and white though because they are difficult to see from afar.

4 – Image Choose quality images

When choosing the image for your pop up banner design, it needs to be high quality. Having a poor quality image printed onto your design can put  potential customers off because it won’t look professional.

Notice how we said ‘the’ image? Having too many images on one banner could confuse the person viewing it, making them want to look elsewhere.


5 – Contact

Adding your contact details is a must when creating your pop up banner design. We would recommend having at least one of either an email address, website or phone number for potential to customers to contact you on. You don’t want to have designed the perfect, eye catching banner and have no one know how to get hold of you.

If you want people to talk about your business, we’d also recommend adding a # with the word you want people to talk about. In the example below, we encouraged the public to talk about the British Wedding Awards 2017. We would also recommend adding a social media profile for the public to like/share. This gives them chance to access more offers and information about your business.

pop up banner design


If you don’t think that you’re quite ready to create your own pop up banner design, we can help. We have an experienced design team at Banner Printing Android who are ready to design your pop up banner for you.

golf banner

All we need from you are the images, text and logo’s and a brief of your general ideas, and we will send you a proof for approval.  At this stage you can make a couple of amendments before we go into production. We will not go to print until you have the design that you want.

Contact us to design your pop-up banner

If you would like one of our designers create your pop-up design for you, please contact the team on 01625 435130 or simply select “We Design It For You” when adding your roller banner to the basket.




Struggling With Your Banner Design?

Make Your Banner Design Stand Out

Are you looking to design a banner that will stand out from the rest? Do you know what to include in your banner? Let us give you a few tips to help you along the way if you’re struggling with your banner design.

banner printing android design studio


Design Tips

One – Stand Out

Whether it’s a Pop up Banner or a PVC banner design, you’ll want yours to stand out from the rest. To do this, we’re not going to tell you to use all the colours in the rainbow, because less is more! So tip one, use two or three colours so that you’re not confusing or overloading the viewer’s eyes, it’ll make it harder for them to process the one thing you’re trying to show them, your BANNER!

Two – Let the viewer know who you are.

There’s no point in creating a memorable banner and having no one to take the credit for it. Let people know who the brains behind the banner design are by adding your logo or something that people can relate to your business to.

Three – Keep it simple.

The main objective of the banner design is to show people your business, not to show people how many different patterns you can fit on one banner, it will again confuse the viewer and take a long time to process your banner. You also need to remember that a lot of people are only going to have a few seconds to view your banner as they might be driving or passing other banners in quick succession.

Design a Banner Online

At Banner Printing Android, we like simple and effective, which is why you can simply do your banner design online.

However, if you’re not in a creative mood or don’t think that you’re up to the challenge, let us help you with a banner design! At Banner Printing Android, we have a banner design team ready to help create the perfect banner for you, just call us on 01625 435 130 or visit Banner Printing Android to find out more.


How to design the perfect PVC Banner

If you trying to find how to design the perfect PVC Banner for your school summer fete or you are “Under New Management” at a new pub there are a few clear rules on how to design a banner for print!So if you aren’t going to use our great design online tool let us try and help you with a few tips!

Designing the Perfect PVC Banner

1) Remember size when designing your perfect PVC banner.
When designing your banner you can design it 1/4 or 1/2 size, or even 1/3 size as long as we know what size to print when you are ordering on line, we will pro it up accordingly. This makes it easier to transfer files around, especially when you are adding photographs or images.

2) Keep it simple when designing your outdoor banner.
Remember that the majority of banners are read from a distance so don’t try and create War and Peace on your 8×3 foot banner. The message needs to be clear and concise.

3) The perfect PVC banner needs high quality images.
Check the quality of your images. If you use an image the size of a thumbnail or not much bigger, the image will be pixellated and generally look poor. This is also the case when using the design on-line feature too. When we come to print the banners, even our print hub or any printers in Cheshire won’t be able to fix it!

4) Use CMYK for the perfect PVC banner.
Remember that printers use 4 different colours to reach your own desired colours, CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). If you are designing your PVC or Roller Banner in Word or Publisher make sure you don’t design it in RGB (Red, Green, Blue). Generally colours created in RGB can be a lot brighter than some colours created from CMYK. If you have any concerns you can always call the PrintAndroid Banner team on 01625 435130.

5) Keep the height of your PVC banner in mind.
When designing a roller banner or a pop up banner, remember that your design will only start a few inches from the ground. Make sure your main message is around eye level and perhaps use images or colour towards the bottom of the pull up banner. Roller banners usually need about an extra 200mm on the base to take care of the part of the PVC material that runs around the roller. Download a roller banner template from our downloads section for exact template.

6) Good text placement will help to design the perfect PVC banner.
The PVC banners will have eyelets around the edge (approx every 500mm). So make sure you don’t design anything critical within 2″ or 50mm from the edge of the banner. Keep text well away from the edge. It doesn’t look too good when text pushed up against the edge of the banner.

7) Get your PVC banner to stand out.
Printed banners in the UK tend to get a lot of stick from the weather. Design accordingly, make your colours contrastable, for instance don’t put yellow text on a white background.

8 ) Quills & Flags need to be clear
When designing a feather flag banner or a quill banner flag, don’t put too much information on it. The flag banner will be moving in the wind and people will be put off reading a long message. Keep it simple and use colour. See our templates for a quill or feather banner flag of your size and shape choice.

9) Tieing up your perfect PVC banner.

We supply free cable ties to go with your banner so you have something to tie your banner up. Though you might want to use matching colour string so as not to affect the look of the design.
Make sure the cables stretch out from the top and then the bottom to ensure your banner is looking nice and flat. If possible, measure the area you are putting the banner into and design to this size.

10) Help and advice on how to design the perfect PVC banner is always available.

We are always on hand to help you out with your design problems – and you can always use the the superb banner design online feature.

10 Ways to Design a Banner

Banner Printing Specialist Print Android see quite a few PVC Banner designs so we’ve put together 10 points to help you get a banner design to suit it’s purpose.

10 ways to design a banner

Use these 10 ways to design a banner…

Getting the Banner Design right first time will make a huge difference to the success of your PVC Banner.

1. Make sure your main points are visible to passers by.

Don’t overcrowd the banner with too much information as it probably won’t be read in it entirety.

2. Use relevant images or graphics.

Imagine you’re driving past in a car, chance are you’ll look at the graphics first. It may be they only thing that passers by see on you PVC Banner as they drive past. Make it relevant, and if they are interested, they will be drawn to the banner next time they pass.

3. Think about the placement and what is needed.

If you’re putting your banner on a busy road or roundabout have a look at which banner design works. If you’ve only got a small banner use text and colour to get your message across. But only put the essential information: what? When? Where? Phone numbers and web addresses may not be read or memorised.

4. Make sure your text is clear and in the right colour.

We sometimes receive vinyl banner designs where the design looks pretty, but it is difficult to read the message. Colour is very important. Text and background colours should contrast to make sure you can read the banner.

banner design

5.Don’t be scared of using ‘White Space’.

Some designs benefit from not having too much fuss, and it’s a sure-fire way of making you message stand out from a crowd of other vinyl banners.

6. Make sure your text isn’t too close to the edge.

Leave at least 75mm from the edge of the banner if you can. Create a text box before you start and don’t be tempted to extend it. Most banner have eyelets at the edge and you don’t want your message to be cut off at the edges.

7. If you are using images, use Professional images.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to to Shutterstock you can always find some high quality images on Free Images. The quality of your images reflects the quality of your event or company.

8. Use High resolution images.

When you design your banner, having good quality images is important. The two images websites linked above supply good quality (or large) images. Your own camera should take decent quality images too, but be careful with images from the internet. Not only could you infringe copyright law but the quality is usually quite poor.

9. Check your spelling!

Get someone to check your spelling. There’s nothing worse than having a misspelled PVC Banner. If we see a spelling mistake on a PVC Banner we’ll change it or notify you but there is not a 100% guarantee that we will catch the mistake. So make sure you are completely happy before sending us your PVC Banner Design.

10. Help is at hand!

If you need help with these 10 different ways of designing PVC Banners or have questions about the best way to create a banner design, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to give one of our Print Managers a call on 01625 345 130.