Seven ways to make your leaflets more effective


Whatever business, product, service or event you are promoting, you are unlikely to do it without using a leaflet at some stage. These shiny little booklets or flyers (does anyone call them pamphlets any more?) are ubiquitous. On every counter in every store. Handed out on every shopping street and at every event. Pushed through every letter box.

This has been the case ever since modern leaflet printing techniques were invented, and it isn’t going to change any time soon. So the questions isn’t “do I need a leaflet?” it’s “what kind of leaflet do I need – and how many?”.

The reason personalised leaflets are so popular is because they cost so little and work so hard. At Spiral Colour we love leaflet and flyer printing and believe that even people who use them regularly don’t always appreciate their true possibilities. How you can maximise impact with different leaflet sizes for example.

Even though personalised leaflets are amazingly cost effective, you still want maximum bang for your buck. So here are the seven secrets of leaflet success.

  1. Tell people what to do and how to do it

Too obvious? You’d be amazed how many businesses provide content for a leaflet without including a call to action or contact details. Think: what do I want people to do, and how can I make it easy for them do it? Tell them clearly where they can buy the product or book the service. And give them all the realistic contact options so they have no excuse for not responding – your address, phone number, email. Maybe even a map.

  1. Use your logo and branding

You may be bored with your logo and/or brand colours but your prosepective customers won’t be. Stick with your branding to make each leaflet consistent and instantly recognisable as coming from you.

  1. Be clever with colour

Yes you need to use brand colours, but you also want your leaflet to stand out. Use a designer, or ask your printer for design advice, and you’ll be amazed how cleverly a limited colour palette can be used to achieve stand-out without going garish. And remember readability. Pink type on a purple background could be ‘creative’, but it’s more likely to be just illegible.

  1. Choose the right paper

People pick up leaflets to read them, so what they feel matters as well as what they see. Your printer will be full of suggestions for matching the paper type to your brand and message. It could be a luxurious gloss finish or a stylish, understated matt. Perhaps even craft or recycled paper if you’re hoping to convey a message of authenticity or artiness.

  1. Get the artwork right

Even the finest printer can’t produce a great leaflet using poor artwork. Again, either use a real designer or ask the printer for design advice. They’ll make sure your photographs or illustrations reproduce crisply for example. They’ll check that your logo is clear and your message is readable. Leaflets that make a poor first impression with fuzzy images and clunky type don’t get read.

  1. Fonts make a massive difference

The typeface (aka font) you choose can transform the appeal of your leaflet. You want it to be readable, yet stylish – or wacky, or sober and serious, depending on the effect you have in mind. Comic Sans, for example, is best avoided if you are promoting legal services. A good designer will tell you that it’s best avoided even if you are typing to be funny. There are lots of better, less cliched alternatives.

  1. Talk to us

At Spiral Colour and Banner Printing Android we produce lods of leaflets for all kinds of businesses. Tell us what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll help you create exactly what you need, from a basic flyer to a lavish mini brochure.