How to put up a roller banner in five easy steps

We understand that not everyone out there who buys roller banners is experienced in setting them up.
If you are not used to putting these banners up, your first time may be a little daunting. There is even some risk of damaging the banner if you do it by guesswork. We hope with this guide than we can advise you on how to put up your roller banner and keep it in good working order for years to come.

1. If the roller banner comes with legs twist these out.
If your roller banner is supplied with legs make sure that you swing these out from under the unit before you start. The legs are important in order to ensure that your roller banner is kept stable and will not fall over.

2. Make sure legs are 90 degrees to the cassette.
Ensure that you swing the legs of the roller banner out to 90 degrees to the cassette. This is the best position to ensure that the banner remains stable, if they are only part way out there is some risk that the banner will topple over when it has been put up.

3. Slot Pole Together.
If the roller banner we supply to you has a pole that needs slotting together then this needs to be the next step that you take. Be sure to put the pole together before putting it in the base. If the pole is telescopic then familiarise yourself with the mechanism, and extend the pole to about chest height and lock it at that height.

4. Push the pole into the base – ensuring that the correct end goes into the cassette.
Put the pole into the base. In most cases the pole is inserted into a socket – make sure that the pole goes all the way into the socket and is firmly held.
On some kinds the pole has a fitting which screws into a threaded hole.
Do this before pulling out the graphic as it is far easier to handle the graphic after the pole is in place. Examine the top of the pole and the fitting on the Top Rail of the banner, so that you understand how it fits together. (Ensure that the fitting at the top of the pole, if any, is facing the right way).

5. Pull the graphic up from the middle of the rail, then hook the graphic onto the pole.
You are pulling the graphic out of the cassette – rather like a tape measure – it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not let go and allow the banner to snap back quickly, as this is likely to damage the banner beyond repair.
Take care to pull the banner vertically upwards and not to drag the edges of the banner against the side of the cassette or this will cause the graphic to get scratched and will ruin your roller banner. When pulling the banner up, hold the top rail at the centre, NOT at one end. If you hold it at one end then you risk pulling the rail away from the graphic. Ensure that you keep the top rail level and evenly supported again to ensure your graphic isn’t damaged. Hook the top rail onto the pole – you can tilt the banner backwards to make it easier to reach. For a telescopic pole you can now carefully loosen and extend the pole to full height.

After those 5 steps then your banner will be up and ready to go! To retract the banner be sure to follow the steps in reverse. TAKE CARE to feed the graphic back carefully into the base. Just as before, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not let go and allow the banner to snap back quickly, as this is likely to damage the banner beyond repair.

Quality Control is taken seriously at Banner Printing Android. We test the mechanisms, erect and photograph all of our printed banners before we send them out – so we know they’re in tip-top condition. If you’re stuck and need further help give us a call on 01625 435 130.