Wedding Fayre Banners

Great prices on banners for your Wedding Fayre!

Are you organising a wedding fayre? These shows are becoming more frequent in the UK. The website Hitched reports that on average 220 wedding shows take place around the country each month. As the public is spoiled for choice as to which shows to go to there is a need to make sure that your show is publicised to it’s full potential. Wedding fayre banners can assist in making sure that as many people as possible know about the event!
wedding fayre banner

Typical wedding fayre banners.

Most wedding fayre banners that we print are printed onto standard PVC banners which is perfect for usage both indoors and outdoors. The PVC material is durable and will be capable of surviving the length of time you need it for.

There is also the option of using reflective banners which have the advantage of being much more visible at night. The reflective banners are more expensive but the increased likelihood of the public seeing them is a price some customers are willing to pay!

Designing your wedding fayre banners.

If you are wanting to design a banner to promote your wedding fayre then you should be sure to include a few key points. The time and date of the event is a must. The venue should be clearly legible as should the fact that it is indeed a wedding show! Here’s an example of a banner we recently printed that covers these design basics. (The venue is on the left side of the photo and is obscured by the angle)
wedding fayre banners

Order wedding fayre banners.

If you choose to order one of the PVC Banners to promote your wedding fayre then you are able to do this online. Just click onto PVC banners . Select the size and number of banners you require! When it comes to selecting the artwork you have three options.

1) Use our Design Online option. – The design online tool allows you to design a banner using one of our ready made templates. This is great if you need a banner in a hurry!

2) Send us your artwork. – If you have produced your own artwork for the banner you can send this to us and we will print it.

3) We can design the artwork for you. – We can create a great wedding fayre banner for you at a far lower cost than you might imagine. All we need from you is a design brief and we will put together an eye-catching banner which is sure to get publicity for you.

By using any of the three options to order online you also get free delivery with 4 working days turn around! This makes the value of our banners even better! We can also offer Express Delivery which will ensure that your banners reach you in just 2 working days at a cost of just £15. (£25 for parcels over a metre in length.)

If you would like to order reflective wedding fayre banners then just head to the reflective banners page. We are unable to offer the ‘Design Online’ option for Reflective Banners, but again you can upload your own artwork or we can design them for you.

Need Further Help?

If you require help when it comes to ordering wedding fayre banners don’t hesitate to call our team. Just give us a call on 01625 435 130!

Large Banners and Printing

See our Instant quote for large banners and printing of all large signs.  We can help with advice and keep the cost as low as possible.

Large Banner
At Banner Printing Android we are capable of printing large banners. Our banner printing presses are capable of printing small and large banners with a maximum width of 50 metres. These banners are printed using the same process as our regular sized PVC Banners so you can be assured of a high quality product, regardless of the the size.

Just how big can we print large banners?

Our large banners can be printed to any size, upto a height of 3.2 metres and 50 metres wide and if needed we can weld several sections together to create a truly massive banner. We have done this on several occasions for TV Production companies and top marketing agencies.

You can use our Custom PVC Banner tool to give you an instant price for large size banners, but you can always contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail. And you can be assured of the same low price promise for all your banners, large or small.

Case Study – Key.

Large Banners
One company that we have made large banners for is Key. Key is a leader in the supply of industrial, commercial and office equipment. In order to make their workforce aware of health and safety issues in the work place Key wanted banners that would be visible throughout their large warehouse. In order to make the banners legible to the workforce they needed to be as large as possible. Key contacted us to see if we could produce two sizes of banner for them. One would be a 6 metre by 3 metre banner (as shown above) and the others would be 3 metres by 1.5 metres.
Large Banners
These large banners were printed using artwork which Key supplied to us. The client also installed the banners themselves using the eyelets and cable ties supplied with the banner. The client was very happy with our service. As Warehouse manager Nicola Bingham stated – ‘We have received and put up our banners, they look great, thank you very much! Great service, product and lead time.’

Order a Large Banner.

If you are looking for a large banner then be sure to get a price using ourPrice calculator (Prices exclude VAT.) If you need to talk to us then you call us on 01625 435 130 to discuss your needs.

Point of Sale Display

Pull up banners used as point of sale display are flexible, re-usable, and portable. They can be easily changed with new graphics, stored when out of season, moved to different positions or locations – all for a low cost.

Engage customers with a Point of Sale Display.

One of the best ways to engage with customers and draw attention to specific areas of your store is with a point of sale display. At Banner Printing Android we have a number of ways to create a point of sale display. From simple PVC Banners that could be used in a number of places. We can also produce pop up stands, roller banners and a whole raft of other options!

How River Island created a point of sale display.

point of sale display

A very well known high street name recently used our services to produce a point of sale display. River Island were looking for a way to draw attention to a ‘pop-up’ element of one of their stores. Due to the limited time nature of the event River Island felt that digital signage would be too expensive.
Point of Sale Display

Using a number of our budget roller banners was seen as a cost effective way to guide customers to this part of the store. The use of the roller banners was preferred over smaller signage as River Island were able to show a life size version of the products they were selling. This would not have been possible if they had used other options such as small correx signs.

It shows that our roller banners are capable of acting as a point of sale display in perhaps one of the biggest names on the high street. If we can create something that works for them, why not you?

Order from us!

If you want to order a point of sale display from us then you have several options. If you would like to use PVC Banners, roller banners or even Signage then you can order online. This gets you some brilliant discounts and means that you will get Free Delivery in the UK! If you can supply the artwork for the banners you want to order then we can produce them and have them with you in 4 working days. (This can be even quicker if you choose Express Delivery – we will have your banners with you in two working days.) We also have the ability to design the artwork for you. From £25 we can create your artwork for you, all we need is a design brief from you and high-res images if you want them on your banners.

If you would like to order other types of display don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01625 435 130. Our friendly staff can help you in selecting the best possible options for your displays that will be sure to grab your customers attention!

Choir Banners

Custom Choir Banners.

choir banners

Choir banners can fulfill a number of purposes. For some people they may order choir banners in order to promote the choir itself in an attempt to bring in new members. Others may order the banners to promote concerts or events that the choir are part of. You may also simple choose to use choir banners as decoration at a performance by the choir. Whatever you want choir banners for we are sure that we can produce them for you!

Producing Choir Banners for Hywel Choir.

We recently supplied some banners for Hywel Choir. The choir requested that we produce a number of banners for them to promote the choir itself. Whilst the choir had many options as to what type of banner we could print for them. Hywel opted for a roller banner. After ordering online the choir asked if we could produce the artwork for them, which we were happy to do. After supplying us with images and a design brief for the banner we were able to produce these stunning banners for them.
choir banners

Order Banners quickly and easily

If you want to order choir banners from us then you have several options. If you would like to use a PVC Banner or roller banner then you can order online. This gets you some brilliant discounts and means that you will get Free Delivery in the UK! If you can supply the artwork for the banners you want to order then we can produce them and have them with you in 3-4 working days. We also have the ability to design the artwork for you.

Designing Your Choir Banner

From £25 we can create your artwork for you, all we need is a design brief from you and high-res images if you want them on your banners. If you want a PVC Banner you can also design your own artwork using our ready made banner templates. All you have to do is input the text you want on the banner and, if you’d like, upload an image. It really is that simple!

If you would like to order other types of display don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01625 435 130. Our friendly staff can help you in selecting the best possible options for your displays that will be sure to grab your customers attention!

3m Banners – 3m x whatever size you want…

3m banners are cheaper than you think. Because we take banner printing seriously here at Banner Printing Android, we’ve got some serious banner printing presses. Our 3.2 metre wide inkjet presses mean you can order a 3 metre high banner at a width of up to 60 metres!

3m Banner

The Wide Format Press Gives You More Options.

Our extra wide banner printer gives you more options when you require a banner that is extra deep and extra wide. Our PVC banner printers allow us to print 3m banners x whatever size you require up to 60 metres in length, seamlessly. This allows your banner to be completely seamless without the need to weld or stitch together. This means your 3m banners are printed across the length of the press, making it cheaper to produce.

3m banners

Extra Wide Presses Mean Savings on Smaller Banners.

Because we have the extra capacity it means we can print your banners without wasting any of the material. We process hundreds of banners at a time, which allows us to print economically.
You’ll notice this in your price, as we can pass this cost saving on to you. You can get a price for a custom banner size by going to our Custom Banner page.

Delivery To Your Door Within 4 working Days!

Your 10ft banner could be with you sooner than you think. We aim to deliver within 4 days but if you need it quicker you can choose express delivery on the checkout to ensure your banner reaches you in 48 hours!

Need Help With Your 3m Banners?

Banner Printing Android isn’t just a website, we’re here to help as much as we can. We’re on the end of the phone to talk you through artwork, delivery or anything technical. Give us a call on 01625 435130 and talk to one of our Print Managers.

If you’d like to look at an example of a previous 3m banner we’ve produced check out our blog we did on work we did for Key.

Extra Wide PVC Banners Printed In UK

Extra wide PVC banners printed in Cheshire, UK.  We can offer great prices, high spec printing and banners that will get noticed.

If you need Extra Wide PVC Banners we have you covered!

Extra Wide PVC Banners are cheaper than you think when you order from Banner Printing Android. With our wide-format Flatbed press and Starjet press we are able to print as wide as 30 metres and as deep as 10 feet in one pass. Even better is that we can do this without the need for welding banners together.

extra wide pvc banners

We Print Extra Wide PVC Banners quickly and cheaply.

We pride ourselves on our ability to print extra wide banners at some of the best prices in the United Kingdom today. We have printed extra wide banners for a number of companies, ranging from TV production companies to those who really needed to make a statement.

extra wide pvc banner

How to order wide banners.

To order an extra wide PVC banner from us the cheapest way is to place your order online. By using our Custom PVC Banner option we can guarantee that you get the best possible price for your banner. Simply follow the steps below to order a wide banner and qualify for free delivery in the UK mainland!

1. Click the link to go to our Custom PVC Banner order page.
2. Select the size of banner that you need. You have the choice of working in either feet, metres, centimetres or millimetres. Simply enter the height and width of the banner you require. This will show the cost of the banner excluding VAT.
4. All you have to do is select the quantity you want and whether if you want us to design your banner or if you would like to use your own artwork. We charge an extra £25 to design the artwork for you.
5. Complete the checkout process, if you are using your own artwork you can upload it then.
6. Wait 5 working days and your banner will be with you. If you would like your banner even sooner then select ‘Express Delivery’ under the delivery options for a 48hr delivery.

Need extra help?

If you need any extra help in ordering your extra wide pvc banners then just get in touch with our team. Give them a call on 01625 435 130. They are happy to discuss all your needs!

Cabinet Office Pop-Up Banners

pop up banner stands

Banner Printing Android recently produced a number of pop up banner stands for a very prestigious client – the Cabinet Office. The Cabinet office required a way to bring some decoration to their staff and alumni network event at their headquarters in Whitehall. In a testament to the quality of our print products the Cabinet Office chose to order from us at Banner Printing Android. In order to get the best possible solution to the need of the client for some free standing banners we suggested the use of the Budget Roller Banner. We suggested the Budget as the client would not be using them on a regular basis, so a cheap option was the most best choice.

Producing the Pop Up Banner Stands.

pop up banner stand
To produce the pop up banner stands for the client we followed our standard procedure. As the client requested an artwork check the first thing we did was send the artwork the client had sent to our pre-press department. Here the artwork was checked to see if it would fit onto the requested hardware. As the client had done their homework and followed our briefs the artwork fitted perfectly onto the banners. In order to print the banner portion of the stand we used our HP Designjet printer to print the design. The Designjet gives us the ability to print very high quality banners and wide format posters and is ideal for this sort of job. The final step of the job was to affix the graphic to the rest of the hardware and package up the system for delivery.

Pop Up Banner Stands don’t have to break the bank.

One of the major selling points for the client was that price of our banner stands which start from just £47.76. This puts them well within anyone! If you’d like to order a pop up banner stand you can find more details of each system on our roller banners page which details all of the systems that we currently sell.

Free Banner Templates – Banner Design

Use Our Free Templates to create Personalised Banners.

how to personalise a pvc banner
Personalise your own banner by using our free banner templates to design your banner. Perfect for indoors and outdoors you can select from small, medium or large and choose from an array of different banner templates for all occasions.

Its easy to use. If you click “Design By Category” you will go through to our free banner templates page . Simply select the category that you require, then choose a template that catches your eye. To get editing all you need to do is select the size of banner you require on the product page. From there it is very simple to personalise our templates to create a perfect banner for your needs!

It’s Easy To Design A Banner

It’s easy to personalise your own birthday banner, pub banner or a banner for any event.  Simply choose the template that suits you and add your own text and photo, or add a logo.

personalise a banner

Why Choose Our PVC Banners?

  • 510gsm Premium Vinyl Banner Material as Standard
  • Perfect for Indoors and Outdoors.
  • Free Delivery.
  • Free Eyelets.
  • Easy to personalise.
  • We specialise in PVC banner manufacture. This means we’re able to print thousands of banners at the same time enabling us to cut costs. We then pass those savings on to you, giving you cheap personalised banners!Our banners are weather proof, making them great for indoors and outdoors. The PVC we use is an durable but light 510gsm (grams per square metre) which allows your banner to be hung easily.Personalised BannersWe can also add free eyelets to the banner so that it can be affixed to a surface easily if required. If you need something to hang your banner with we can supply top quality cable ties for the bargain price of just £1.90!

    Free Delivery with all our personalised banners.

    All our personalised banners are sent out with free of charge with a standard 4 day delivery to mainland UK addresses. If you need your banners in a hurry we offer an express delivery which will ensure that your banners reach you in 24 hours. We charge a very reasonable £15 for this service. You can read more about our express delivery option here.

    Need more help?

    If you need more help when it comes to ordering you personalised banners then don’t hesitate to call us on 01625 435 130. Our team are here to help and will whatever is needed to make sure you get the banner you need!