Advertising Pop Up Banners

Choose from a wide range of Advertising Pop Up Banners available that have many different features that will suit any of our customers. Whatever the event we have the Pop Up Banner that is perfect for you.

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advertising pop up banners

We’re the Pop-Up Banner Specialists…

We are advertising pop-up banner specialists, so if you would like to discuss your project in more detail, please give us a call on 01625 435130.  The Pop Up Banner range start with The Budget which is a great banner for short to medium term displays. This Banner Stand has a 1 year guarantee on the hardware.  The Budget is often used for short to medium term advertising indoors.  The premium range of pop-up banners offers a long term solution if they are being used regularly.

Advertising Pop Up Banners are an easy way to promote.

The Sigma is part of the premium banner range starting at £84.15 per unit and it has many features that make it a very professional and sleek looking banner stand. The graphics are front loading which means the banner has floor to top graphic visibility which looks great. The Sigma Pop UP Banner has a 5 year guarantee on hardware as the mechanism is much more robust and will be able to withstand being used more. The benefit of an Orient Pop Up Banner is that it is the easiest model to change the graphics on. When you need to update the graphics it can be done quickly for a great price.

The Budget Pop Up is available in several different sizes.

Using a Budget Pop Up Banner for Advertising can make a huge impact. This banner comes in different widths of 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, & 2m. These wide format banners are a great options for anybody that wants to make an impression. Using the space wisely is very important as putting too much information can make it very cluttered. A minimal design with the relevant information can be very effective.

We offer us the best prices online with free delivery within 3-4 working days. Call us on 01625 435 130 to find out more about the Pop Up Banner range.

Custom Seminar Banners

If you require a visual aid for any seminars you are involved with then why not consider some custom seminars banners? At Print Android we have plenty of experience of creating seminar banners and have done so for a number of high profile clients.
Seminar Banners

Seminar banners to suit you.

At Print Android we are able to produce seminar banners to your needs. We understand that each banner is different and we are able to offer a range of roller banners to suit this. We offer Budget roller banners that would be perfect for when a seminar has a limited run, up to highly durable banners that can extend up to two metres. We are confident that whatever your vision is for a seminar banner is we will be able to supply a banner which meets your expectations!

Why use a roller banner as a visual aid?

Using seminar banners as part of your training and development schedule allows you to do a number of things. For example the picture at the top of the screen shows a roller banner being used to welcome delegates to the seminar. This is convenient as it means your delegates will be familiar with the theme of your training and development before it even begins. Seminar banners can also be used to summarise the main points in one place, which delegates can then process at their own pace. Again an example of this is shown below.
Seminar Banners

Order seminar banners from Print Android.

Ordering the banners you desire from us couldn’t be easier. If you have the artwork that you’d like including on your banners already designed you can upload it straight onto the roller banner of your choice. This will be ready in 4 working days with free delivery! Alternatively if you would like to discuss your needs with one of our team you can call us on 01625 435 130.

Hen Party Banners

Do you need Hen party banners? Whether the hen party is held in a venue, or you are going on the increasing popular ‘hen tour’ our hen party banners will let everybody know that the bride to be has arrived! We can print personalised hen banners that will act as a memory of what will be a night to remember!
hen party banners

Personalised hen party banners

At Print Android your hen do banners are fully customisable! Whatever you want to put on your hen party banners we can aid you. If you are going to a certain place the design for your banners can be made to match. For example we could provide a glitzy design for a hen do banner for Las Vegas. Whatever your vision is for any hen party banners you’d like us to design you can be sure that we can do it!

Lightweight and drink-proof!

We print hen party banners onto light, durable PVC Banners. This makes it easy to carry around if so desired and packs away easily for putting in a case etc. With the durability of PVC any spillages that might occur can be wiped off without staining. This ensures your banners will remain looking fresh!

Design Hen Party Banners online

Ordering a banner is easy with Print Android and can be done in one of three ways:
1) Choose one of our banner templates and add your own text and image on one of our templates to get your hen party banner done quickly! An example of a personalised hen banner done with our templates is shown below:
hen party banners

2)Use your own artwork. – If you are a budding designer you can create your own artwork for hen party banners. Simply select the size of banner you require and upload your own artwork. Alternatively we can produce the artwork for you hen party banners at just £25!

3) Call our team – Our team are at hand to help you! Simply call 01625 435 130 and our team will do our best to help you get the hen do banners that you envision!

All of of our banners come with free delivery in the UK. They are delivered within 3-4 working days on the receipt of artwork. When it comes to personalised hen do banners there is no better option than us!

Ordering PVC Banners

We’ve made it simple to order PVC banners online and even easier to design them online…

Order PVC Banners online

If you are currently considering ordering PVC Banners either from ourselves or one of the other countless websites that offer PVC Banner printing, then there are some points you should consider before choosing where to purchase from. We at Banner Printing Android have created this guide to help you through the process of ordering PVC Banners!

The quality of PVC.

One of the most important things to consider when ordering PVC banners is the quality of the PVC that your design will be printed on. Some websites may try to tempt you in with low priced PVC Banners, but these will be a waste of money if printed on low quality PVC. In order to keep costs down some sites will print onto sub-standard PVC that is not weather proof. This means that if your PVC banner is outside it will quickly be ruined by the weather, meaning you will have to buy a replacement sooner than expected. This could lead to a greater expense than ordering a more expensive, but better quality, PVC banner in the first instance.

At Banner Print Android we print onto the industry benchmark 440gsm PVC material using Eco-Solvent inks. This ensures that banners do not fade and you get the best possible usage out of your PVC banners.

The DPI of PVC Banner Printing.

Another thing to consider when shopping around for PVC banners is the DPI at which the banners are printed at. DPI (Or Dots per inch) measures how many individual dots of ink are printed per inch of material. Generally speaking higher DPI’s will result in clearer, more detailed images. To keep prices low some websites will produce PVC banners with a low DPI (some as low as 360, which is comparable to a desktop printer!) resulting in poor looking graphics which will be hard for customers to read and will send off a negative image about the business.

At Print Android we print to an industry standard of 1440 DPI which results in a fantastic, sharp finish for PVC Banners. Consider the image below, at 1440 dpi it comes out brilliantly, would it look as good at 360dpi?
ordering pvc banners

PVC Banner Legibility.

A lot of websites offer very cheap banners which come in very small sizes, for example a 4ft by 2ft banner which has a recommended viewing distance of just 5 metres! Obviously if you want the message on your PVC Banner to be clear and easy to read from a distance then a larger font is required. Ideally the font size for a PVC Banner should be 15cm for every 5 metres you want your PVC to be legible for. Trying to squeeze your message onto a small, cheap PVC Banner may just turn out to be a waste of money.

At Print Android we start our banner range at 6ft by 2ft which is enough space to get a good message onto, however we can provide PVC banners as large as you require, upto 50 metres by 3.2 metres!

PVC Banner finishing.

The finishing of PVC banners is massively important. Top quality PVC banner printing can be let down by poor finishing which will the ways in which you can use a banner. Without eyelets being put in at the printing stage customers may have to put their own eyelets in to hang a banner. This make result in tears in the banner which will weaken the banner as a whole and reduce the length of time it can be used.

Eyelets are supplied as standard at Print Android, meaning that your PVC Banner can be hung up as soon as you get it delivered. Furthermore with reinforced eyelets the strength of the banner is guaranteed and tears which will affect the banner are less likely to occur.

How to order a banner online

The next step for ordering your PVC Banner is to make sure your artwork meets the requirements of the company printing it. We at Print Android produce our artwork specifications which can be used to make sure your artwork will fit on the banner.

Print Android are happy to answer any questions you may have about PVC Banners. Either get a price from our website or talk to one of our team on 01625 435 130 to make sure you get the best possible PVC Banner for the price you want to pay!

What banner size is right for you?

Big or Small? It depends on where you want to put it . . . .

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked here at Print Android is what banner size is best for a client to order. To this question there is no one ‘correct’ answer as the banner size depends on the purpose you need the banner for. By a rule of thumb an indoor banner will need a smaller banner size when compared with outdoor banners.

Outdoor banner size considerations.

When designing a PVC banner for outdoor usage there are a number of considerations that can affect the banner size that should be used, especially if the banner is to be used at a roadside location. One such consideration is the distance of where the banner will be placed to the road itself. Obviously the greater distance between the road and the banner location the bigger the font on the banner will need to be. With a larger font you will obviously need a larger banner to fit the text on in a legible manner.

In terms of the size of text you should have on a banner we have compiled a helpful guide which should help you to pick an appropriate font size for your banner. This will in turn determine the size of banner you need.
banner size

You should also consider the amount of blank space you have on your banner. Again an industry standard suggests that you should have 40% of your banner as blank space so your banner isn’t overly busy. This means that smaller banners that our competitors offer such as 4ft by 1ft are not fit for purpose in terms of roadside advertising.

What this should really demonstrate is that you shouldn’t settle for a smaller banner size just because it may save you a few pounds. It is worth investing a few pounds in a bigger banner which will be legible for consumers to read and fulfill its purpose of informing people all about your business.

Indoor Banner size considerations.

With Indoor Banners there are fewer considerations that you will need to consider in terms of the environment which will dictate banner size you should use. However, you should be mindful of the space you have to hang a banner, ordering one which is too big for an area may mean the message is obscured, looking unprofessional. Furthermore, you should consider how the banner is being displayed, for example it make be better to order a roller banner than a PVC banner if the banner needs to be free standing.

We hope this has answered some of your questions regarding what size of banner to order. If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Team Banners

Move up a league with our premium quality Team Banners

Are you a part of a sports team looking to increase awareness of your team? Or perhaps you would like to celebrate success on the field with a keepsake that will keep for years. Whatever sporting purpose you need team banners for we can help to create ideal sports banners.

Use our templates to personalise your banner

Here at Print Android we have created team banners for a range of sports. From football banners and to banners for athletics clubs we have covered every request you could possibly think of! This means that when it comes to the creation of team banners we have unparalleled experience and can suggest the correct type and size of banner just for you. Below you can see a banner being printed, which we created for the Macclesfield Harriers Athletic club. We were able to advise the club as to the best size of the banner for them to use as well as the best material for them to use.
team banners

Designing your team banners.

It’s easy to design team banners online using our pre-existing templates to make simple banners. All you have to do is select the template you desire and input the text and image you want and your banner is created in a few easy clicks! An example of a banner designed using this process is shown below.

designing banners online

We are also able to accept your own artwork if you want to truly customised banners or we can design the artwork for you for just £25! The process is really simple, and you can order the banners now via our PVC Banners page.

You and Print Android – a winning team!

We guarantee that ordering your team banners will be an easy experience. We are happy to help at every step of the way and are committed to making sure you get just what you want. Whatever you need, Print Android will support you!

Gig Banners

Promote upcoming shows with Gig Banners.

If you are promoting an upcoming show then it is vital that the general public know all about it. One of the best ways to ensure that people find out about shows are gig banners. At Banner Printing Android we can create stunning PVC banners which help to get the word out to your local area – with banners being a cheap way of getting the message out to thousands of people!

Gig Banners for the stars.

gig banners
We have produced gig banners for a number of venues to help them promote upcoming acts. One venue recently contacted us to create gig banners to advertise that Bruce Foxton (formerly of The Jam) would be performing at their venue. In order to ensure maximum coverage the venue ordered multiple banners which would be placed around the local town. The venue saved money by ordering a large amount of banners at the same time but also by producing their own artwork.

Built to last.

We print all of our PVC banners on high quality material that will be able to stand the test of British weather! With durable material and water fast inks you can guarantee that your banners will look as good when you are taking them down as they did when you put them up! We also put eyelets into each banner, meaning that you can hang them up as soon as you get them! (We can provide banners without eyelets, just note that you don’t want this in our special instructions.)

Ordering Gig Banners

Ordering gig banners from Banner Printing Android couldn’t be simpler! All you have to do is head to our PVC Banner page, select the size of banner you want and the quantity you want! If you have produced your own artwork you can upload to be printed on your gig banners, or we can produce artwork for you from just £25! Even better ordering online qualifies you for free delivery which will be with you in 4 working days. If you need your banners in a hurry we can offer 48hr delivery from just £15.

If you’d like to order additional promotional material such as flyers or flags we can help with that do. Just give us a call on 01625 435 130 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements!

Boxing Banners

Promote an upcoming card with boxing banners.

If you are in the ‘fight game’ then know that getting word out about upcoming boxing cards can be a expensive. With the number of people reading local papers dropping and mail drops are unreliable finding a way to get the message out can be hard. The solution to letting people know about your fight night is with PVC Boxing Banners! The PVC Banners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and have been proven to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

How we print boxing banners

We produce a large amount of PVC banners everyday, meaning that we can provide you with boxing banners from as little as £11.99! We print banners onto high quality PVC in sizes to suit you. We offer a range of pre-defined sizes (small, medium and large.) This makes it easy for you to design artwork for your boxing banners and send it over to us. You can also order custom sizes if you want something out of the ordinary. Once we have the artwork for your boxing banners we can produce them on our presses. We print in full colour, giving you the best possible looking boxing banners. We also eyelet the banners for free and can provide cable ties from £1.90, allowing you to hang up your banner as soon as you get them!

Case Study – JE Sports Network.

boxing banners
JE Sports Network approached us in 2015 to produce banners to promote an upcoming card. Impressed by our range of options and the ease of ordering online JSN did not hesitate to order from us. The company ordered 3 small PVC banners (making a saving by ordering in bulk) and send us their artwork. What was interesting with these banners is that the chose to put the banner vertical (so the longest lengths were at the sides) rather than using the standard horizontal banner. This gave them a unique look to their banner as shown above.


If you are a boxing promoter we can offer much more aside from banners. We can print a range of items, from round cards and programmes to press conference backgrounds and ring aprons! Simply give our team a call on 01625 435 130 to discuss your needs or drop us an e-mail – – we are here to help!

Order Boxing Banners

If you would like to order banners from us the most simple way of doing this is using our online ordering system. Just select the size and quantity of banners you want,upload your artwork and let us do the rest! By ordering online we guarantee your banners will be with you in 4 working days with FREE Delivery. You can also get your order with 48hrs if you order before 12pm and select express delivery!

Alternatively if you would like to talk to one of our team give us a call on 01625 435 130. We look forward to helping you!

Roll-Up RHS Chelsea Award Winner

Banner Printing Android recently had the privilege of printing a roll up banner for RHS Chelsea award winner Eileen Wood. Eileen contacted us to produce a roll up banner to help promote her garden landscaping business. We were required to design the artwork which would be used on the roll up.

The Roll Up Banner Design

Eileen contacted us and gave us a general idea of what she required a banner for. From this we were able to suggest that she purchase a Budget roller banner as it met the needs she had for the banner hardware. After we knew which roll up banner we would design for we were able to put the artwork together. Through this process one of our Print Managers kept in contact with the client so she knew how the process was going. Furthermore, drafts of the artwork that would be used on the banner were sent to the client for approval. Only after Eileen was pleased with the artwork did we proceed to press with the job.
roll up banner

Roller Banner Production

The artwork for the roll up banner was printed onto anti-curl PVC. This means that the life span of the roll up banner improves as the edges of the PVC stay straight. This differs from cheaper PVC which will fold in on itself and become unusable. The artwork for the banner was also printed at a high resolution to ensure that it looked as sharp as possible. There is no point producing graphics only for it to be put on a poor medium. After printing and assembly the banner was shipped to the client with free delivery.

A happy customer.

After Eileen received her roll up banner she took to Twitter to express her happiness with the world about her new banner:
It’s always nice to see our clients endorse us on social media, especially when we have done so much of the work in house. We thank Eileen for her custom and hope it is a partnership that carries on well into the future.

If we can help you to promote your business with a roll up banner don’t hesitate to get in touch either via our online contact form or give us a call on 01625 435 130. Maybe next time we will highlight your business on our blog!

You can find Eileen Garden Landscapes at –

Recruitment Banners

Advertise a job vacancy with recruitment banners.

Advertising a job vacancy can be expensive. It’s estimated that the cost of advertising a single job in the United Kingdom reached an average of £400 in 2014. This cost can be a barrier towards bringing new staff into a business. Here at Print Android we think that we have a cheaper way of advertising any job vacancies you may have – using recruitment banners outside of your premises.
recruitment banners

Why use recruitment banners?

Recruitment banners are ideal to let people know about any job vacancies you may have at your business. Even if somebody who sees your banner doesn’t need a job, you can be sure that they will tell somebody if they know they are looking for work. The banners are also far cheaper than other ways of advertising your job. They could be used as part of a campaign to ensure the message is truly spread about the vacancy that you have. We offer discounts on multiple banner orders, which can make your banner purchasing even cheaper!

Our PVC Banners can be used both in and outdoors. They are printed onto weather resistant vinyl and using inks which will not run if it rains. Our recruitment banners come with eyelet’s already on the banner and we can also include cable ties (at a cost of £1.90). This means that you can hang up the banner as soon as you get it!

Design the banner how you choose.

Every job is different, so every recruitment banner will need to differ. As such we offer a range of options as to how you can design your banner.

1) Use our Design Online option. – The design online tool on our website allows you to enter up to use one of our ready made templates. This is great if you need a banner in a hurry!.

2) Send us your artwork. – If you have produced your own artwork for the banner you can send this to us and we will print it. We even offer an artwork check for just £5 to make sure that you artwork is fit for purpose. Select the size of PVC Banners you need us to print and we will produce this for you!

3) We can design the artwork for you. – We can create a great recruitment banner for you at a far lower cost than you might imagine. All we need from you is a design brief and we will put together an eye-catching banner which is sure to get results for your company. Simply select the size of PVC Banner you require and go from there.

By using any of the three options to order online you also get free delivery with 4 working days turn around! This makes the value of our banners even better! We also offer an Express Delivery Option which will ensure your banner reaches you in 2 working days (Ordered pre 12pm) for a cost of just £15.

Need Further Help?

If you require help when it comes to ordering recruitment banners don’t hesitate to call our team – just give us a call on 01625 435 130!