Love Heart Photography Backdrop

Love Heart Photography

Love Heart Photography are a family run photography business. They provide different types of photoshoots to suite everyones needs. From wedding shoots to baby shoots, Love Heart Photography will be there for you.

love heart photography backdrop

Love Heart Photography came to us at Banner Printing Android to discuss their need for a photography backdrop. We recommended different sizes including a custom size that we offer to anyone. Once the size was chosen, we were able to get to work.

At Banner Printing Android, we have our own in house design team. This meant that Love Heart Photography didn’t need to get their photography back designed elsewhere before coming to us to have it printed.

photo banner

Once the design had been created, the backdrop was printed using high quality PVC materials along with UV inks to ensure that the design doesn’t fade. This is very important if the backdrop is going to be used as a background for a long time!


Reusable Photography Backdrop

If Love Heart Photography were to have a themed shoot, they would no longer need to purchase another frame. We can provide them with a background with the same measurements as their last one. This will then take the place of the old one and slot neatly onto their frame, saving them money.

Book Your Photoshoot

Do you have a wedding or another memorable event coming up? If so, why not book a photoshoot and receive images that will last a life time. Get in touch by visitor the Love Heart Photography website.


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Every purchase made from Banner Printing Android will receive FREE UK Mainland Delivery. You will also receive a FREE Carry Case with your photography backdrop frame.

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