Selecting the right exhibition stand

Exhibitions and trade events are an increasingly important marketing and sales opportunity for businesses in most industries. 92 per cent of trade show visitors are looking for new products during their visit, according to statistics published by the authoritative Center for Exhibition Industry Research.

But they are also expensive and time-consuming to attend. Which is why it makes sense to maximise the opportunity by making your exhibition stand as effective as possible. One of the simplest ways to get the best possible ROI is to work with the Spiral and Banner Printing Android teams. We are vastly experienced in creating exhibition stands that showcase your products effectively, and make your message stand out in a crowded and distraction-packed environment.

Here’s a quick run through the three main types of stand you’ll need to consider.


Most new exhibitors start out with a pop-up stand. They’re easy to transport, quick to set up and dismantle, reusable again and again – and inexpensive. The downside is that you’re unlikely to stand out from the other exhibitors with something so basic, but it’s the ideal ‘toe in the water’. To make a pop-up stand work, it’s important to get the pre-event preparation right. Contact potential customers to make sure they know you’ll be there and what you offer, then the fact that your stand lacks impact will matter less.


The mid-range, mid-budget option, modular stands look less temporary than pop-ups, yet share the advantage of reusability. You can incorporate more technology and other “bells and whistles”, have more space – and above all stand out more and create a bigger impression.


Designed, made to order and unique, a bespoke exhibition stand can be anything that’s physically possible within the alotted space. They cost more, obviously, but in return you can make sure your stand is the centre of everyone’s attention. The downside is that bespoke stands tend to be only used once. But if the returns in terms of awareness and sales are going to be major, it’s a sound investment.

Considering an exhibition? Whether you’re a first-timer or looking for new ideas, start by exploring your options with the experts at Spiral and Banner Printing Android. You’ll be on your way to creating the maximum splash with the minimum outlay.