Wide Roller Banner For Your Business

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If you want your business to look head and shoulders above the rest, make sure you get your wide roller banner printed at Banner Printing Android.

wide roller banner


You can find out more and get an Instant quote on all of our wider pop up banners on our Wide pull up banner page.


If you are planning on showing your company off to potential customers at an exhibition, a wide roller banner could be perfect for you. Wide roller banners are easy to install yourself giving you extra time to prepare for customers. They can also be stored away in under two minutes which is great if you need to make a quick exit.

Wide Roller Banner as a Backdrop

Many of the wide pop-up banners we sell are destined for the stage.  They are perfect for use as photography backdrops at awards nights or press conferences and are cheap and easy to set up.

wide roller banner

Top Tip

If you aren’t looking to spend money on an exhibition display, you could fit three wide roller banners together to create dividing walls for your business. It might not be as effective as an exhibition stand and it won’t be a flush joint, but it could be great for those businesses on a tight budget!

When it comes to the design of your wide roller banner, were here to help. If you don’t have a design ready or you’re unsure what to put on your banner, our experienced design team can do that for you!

If you have your own artwork prepared, you can head on over to create your own Wide Roller Banner.

If you’re thinking of spending a little extra to make your business look even more professional, a pop up stand would be perfect for an exhibition or business event.

custom wide banner

Pop up stands are easy to set up and take down before and after an event making them ideal for taking to numerous exhibitions.

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If you are interested in having a wide roller banner printed for your business or you’d like to find out about what other products we have to offer, please visit our website. You can also call us during our office hours (Monday – Friday 8am- 5pm) on 01625 435 130 or email us at hello@printandroid.co.uk


Pull Up Banners

Pull Up/ Pop Up Banners

At Banner Printing Android, we have a whole Range of pull up banners (also known as pop up banners or roller banners) available to our customers. We have pull up banners that can be used for awards nights, events, logo boards, outdoors and much more!  We have a full range of roll up banners from extra wide banners to budget and premium roller banners.  Take a look at our full range of roller banners here.

Where To Use A Pull Up Banner

Pull up banners are ideal for those who maybe looking to carry a banner from event to event, without having to find a place to show it off to potential customers, assemble it and then dismantle it at the end. With most pull up banners, they are ready to be used as soon as you need them. In just a few easy steps, the banner is pulled up from the base and ready for people to see how fantastic your business is!

Banners don’t have to be made just for a one off use, you can also have pull up banners that can be left in a permanent place for customers to see all of the time, for example, we’re sure you must have seen a pull up banner like the one below on numerous occasions.


Here at Banner Printing Android, we have pull up banners to suit all types of businesses and all types of budgets. Banners start from just £17.99, a small price to make your business stand out from the rest.

Design Your Own Pull Up Banner

If you’re confident that you have a fantastic image to add to a pull up banner, head over to our Roller Banner selection where you can order yourself a pull up banner in all sizes.

If you would like to Design a Pull Up Banner Online, try personalising our pre-designed roller banner templates, and start designing your own roller banner.

If you’d like to know more information about a pull up banner or would like to help on designing your own pull up banner, call us on 01625 435130 or visit our website here

How to put up a roller banner in five easy steps

We understand that not everyone out there who buys roller banners is experienced in setting them up.
If you are not used to putting these banners up, your first time may be a little daunting. There is even some risk of damaging the banner if you do it by guesswork. We hope with this guide than we can advise you on how to put up your roller banner and keep it in good working order for years to come.

1. If the roller banner comes with legs twist these out.
If your roller banner is supplied with legs make sure that you swing these out from under the unit before you start. The legs are important in order to ensure that your roller banner is kept stable and will not fall over.

2. Make sure legs are 90 degrees to the cassette.
Ensure that you swing the legs of the roller banner out to 90 degrees to the cassette. This is the best position to ensure that the banner remains stable, if they are only part way out there is some risk that the banner will topple over when it has been put up.

3. Slot Pole Together.
If the roller banner we supply to you has a pole that needs slotting together then this needs to be the next step that you take. Be sure to put the pole together before putting it in the base. If the pole is telescopic then familiarise yourself with the mechanism, and extend the pole to about chest height and lock it at that height.

4. Push the pole into the base – ensuring that the correct end goes into the cassette.
Put the pole into the base. In most cases the pole is inserted into a socket – make sure that the pole goes all the way into the socket and is firmly held.
On some kinds the pole has a fitting which screws into a threaded hole.
Do this before pulling out the graphic as it is far easier to handle the graphic after the pole is in place. Examine the top of the pole and the fitting on the Top Rail of the banner, so that you understand how it fits together. (Ensure that the fitting at the top of the pole, if any, is facing the right way).

5. Pull the graphic up from the middle of the rail, then hook the graphic onto the pole.
You are pulling the graphic out of the cassette – rather like a tape measure – it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not let go and allow the banner to snap back quickly, as this is likely to damage the banner beyond repair.
Take care to pull the banner vertically upwards and not to drag the edges of the banner against the side of the cassette or this will cause the graphic to get scratched and will ruin your roller banner. When pulling the banner up, hold the top rail at the centre, NOT at one end. If you hold it at one end then you risk pulling the rail away from the graphic. Ensure that you keep the top rail level and evenly supported again to ensure your graphic isn’t damaged. Hook the top rail onto the pole – you can tilt the banner backwards to make it easier to reach. For a telescopic pole you can now carefully loosen and extend the pole to full height.

After those 5 steps then your banner will be up and ready to go! To retract the banner be sure to follow the steps in reverse. TAKE CARE to feed the graphic back carefully into the base. Just as before, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not let go and allow the banner to snap back quickly, as this is likely to damage the banner beyond repair.

Quality Control is taken seriously at Banner Printing Android. We test the mechanisms, erect and photograph all of our printed banners before we send them out – so we know they’re in tip-top condition. If you’re stuck and need further help give us a call on 01625 435 130.

Roller Banners and the Demand Gen…

Roller banners can help your marketing efforts with great visual presence, especially when they are designed well.  We look at the Demand Generation and how they react to visual messages in roll up banners.

advertisement pop up banners

As a B2B marketer there is unprecedented pressure on you to generate custom for your business. Recently the term ‘Demand Generation‘ has been coined for creating campaigns to attract customers to your business. Demand generation, simply put is creating a buzz around your company by highlighting the key features of your products or services as well as highlighting how you are able to solve the potential customers pressing issues.

So how can Roller Banners skyrocket Demand Generation? Think about where you are most likely to be meeting potential new clients – Trade shows. If as a B2B Marketer you are not attending trade shows then you are missing out on a huge potential pool of customers who are actively searching for a solution to problems that they have already identified.

Rollers Banners as part of a Trade Show presentation.

Roller Banners are vital as part of any trade show presentation and will be able to assist as part of any demand generation campaign. Carefully designed artwork displayed on roller banners will create a buzz for your company and key points about your products and services can be easily communicated with potential customers. These roller banners are a great way of opening dialogue with any potential customers and are great as a point of reference for face to face interactions with customers. For Trade shows we’d recommend using a 2 metre wide roller banner which can be erected by just one person and allows for a substantial amount of information to be present.

The cost of Roller banners is so low that it’s possible to create a new set of banners for each trade show that you attend. This makes it easy to create a campaign tailored more towards each individual show that you attend. An example of this is a client of ours who has roller banners produced in German for trade shows in Europe which lead to more conversations between themselves and potential clients than when they simply used English language banners.

Summing Up.

Overall, Roller Banners are an easy way of letting potential customers know about the strengths of your business and a well designed banner can be just the foot in the door to boost your Demand Generation. With Banner Printing Android’s excellent array of roller banners we know that we stock a product that will meet your campaign’s needs.


Using 800mm Roller Banners

One of the key tenants of marketing is the brand awareness that the public has when it comes to your company. There are many ways to boost your brand awareness, whether it’s paid advertising such as television adverts, leaflet drops or signage or free methods such as press releases. However, most methods require either substantial outlay either in terms of money or the need for expert knowledge to make them work well. For many small businesses brand awareness can be expensive to generate. However, in discussions with clients we have found that 800mm roller banners are a great way to generate brand awareness.

800mm roller banners

800mm Roller Banners

Using 800mm Roller Banners in high traffic area either around your business or at fairs, exhibitions or markets you are present at can be a real boost to your brand awareness. Roller Banners are often referred as ‘silent salesman’. They are great for getting over the key points about your business very quickly. The banners can very quickly communicate a brands values, examples of products or services offered by the company and a way of getting in touch with the company all without a potential customer having to speak to anyone. This can be ideal in situations where it may not be possible to have a face to face conversation to everyone coming into contact with the company.

800mm roller banners

Case Study – Attack! Pro Wrestling

Wrestling Banner
One company that has recently ordered 800mm roller banners from us for this purpose is Attack! Pro Wrestling. A challenge that the company found was that a lot of people that were attending their shows were being brought by friends who already knew the company, but these new customers were struggling to recall the name of the company. To counter this the company invested in a number of 800mm roller banners that were placed near to the entrance to venues. This ensured that people entering the venue became quickly aware of what the company was called. There was also a unintended boost of people taking selfies in front of the banners – spreading the awareness of the brand via social media. The banners acted as an adequate backdrop and the public took full advantage of this opportunity!

Help is at hand!

Whilst it’s easy to order roller banners on our website we are happy to offer assistance if you need it. Just give us a call on 01625 435 130 and we will be happy to advise you about which roller banner is the best for you to use!

Logo Backdrops

Using wider roller banners as logo backdrops has become a cheap way of creating an instant photo backdrop.  But how do you make sure you get the right backdrop and how do I design it?

Logo Backdrops for Events.

The Budget 2 metre wide roller banner is often used by our clients for this type of project. This is due to the fact that the backdrops are wide enough to act as a great backdrop for photos. We have also seen clients produce logo backdrops on our standard sized roller banners as shown below, often where they are intended to be used as decoration around a room.
logo backdrops
We can also print backdrops onto solid substrates if you would prefer to mount your backdrop on the wall. We would suggest looking at our range of signage options for something that would work well for you if you’d prefer that option.

Why order logo backdrops from us?

At Banner Printing Android we place we huge emphasis on the quality of our print. We ensure that everything we print is of a high standard and that you will be proud to display our products as part of your events. We look to get our products out to customers within a 4 working day timeframe, with free delivery. We can also offer an Express 2 working day turnaround for an extra fee.

Need logo backdrops outdoors? We have the answer!

We also do Outdoor Roller Banners for events that will take place outside. These are designed to battle the elements with specialised features and characteristics. The outdoor roller banners are a little more expensive than the indoor versions and are only available in the standard 800mm size. Anything wide would require either multiple banners or the use of signage.

Need More Help?

If you need more help then please don’t hesitate to call us. Our number is 01625 435 130 and our office hours are 8am-5pm Monday to Friday. We look forward to hearing from you!

Advertising Pop Up Banners

Choose from a wide range of Advertising Pop Up Banners available that have many different features that will suit any of our customers. Whatever the event we have the Pop Up Banner that is perfect for you.

Click here to learn more about the Pop Up Banner Range

advertising pop up banners

We’re the Pop-Up Banner Specialists…

We are advertising pop-up banner specialists, so if you would like to discuss your project in more detail, please give us a call on 01625 435130.  The Pop Up Banner range start with The Budget which is a great banner for short to medium term displays. This Banner Stand has a 1 year guarantee on the hardware.  The Budget is often used for short to medium term advertising indoors.  The premium range of pop-up banners offers a long term solution if they are being used regularly.

Advertising Pop Up Banners are an easy way to promote.

The Sigma is part of the premium banner range starting at £84.15 per unit and it has many features that make it a very professional and sleek looking banner stand. The graphics are front loading which means the banner has floor to top graphic visibility which looks great. The Sigma Pop UP Banner has a 5 year guarantee on hardware as the mechanism is much more robust and will be able to withstand being used more. The benefit of an Orient Pop Up Banner is that it is the easiest model to change the graphics on. When you need to update the graphics it can be done quickly for a great price.

The Budget Pop Up is available in several different sizes.

Using a Budget Pop Up Banner for Advertising can make a huge impact. This banner comes in different widths of 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, & 2m. These wide format banners are a great options for anybody that wants to make an impression. Using the space wisely is very important as putting too much information can make it very cluttered. A minimal design with the relevant information can be very effective.

We offer us the best prices online with free delivery within 3-4 working days. Call us on 01625 435 130 to find out more about the Pop Up Banner range.

Custom Seminar Banners

If you require a visual aid for any seminars you are involved with then why not consider some custom seminars banners? At Print Android we have plenty of experience of creating seminar banners and have done so for a number of high profile clients.
Seminar Banners

Seminar banners to suit you.

At Print Android we are able to produce seminar banners to your needs. We understand that each banner is different and we are able to offer a range of roller banners to suit this. We offer Budget roller banners that would be perfect for when a seminar has a limited run, up to highly durable banners that can extend up to two metres. We are confident that whatever your vision is for a seminar banner is we will be able to supply a banner which meets your expectations!

Why use a roller banner as a visual aid?

Using seminar banners as part of your training and development schedule allows you to do a number of things. For example the picture at the top of the screen shows a roller banner being used to welcome delegates to the seminar. This is convenient as it means your delegates will be familiar with the theme of your training and development before it even begins. Seminar banners can also be used to summarise the main points in one place, which delegates can then process at their own pace. Again an example of this is shown below.
Seminar Banners

Order seminar banners from Print Android.

Ordering the banners you desire from us couldn’t be easier. If you have the artwork that you’d like including on your banners already designed you can upload it straight onto the roller banner of your choice. This will be ready in 4 working days with free delivery! Alternatively if you would like to discuss your needs with one of our team you can call us on 01625 435 130.

Cabinet Office Pop-Up Banners

pop up banner stands

Banner Printing Android recently produced a number of pop up banner stands for a very prestigious client – the Cabinet Office. The Cabinet office required a way to bring some decoration to their staff and alumni network event at their headquarters in Whitehall. In a testament to the quality of our print products the Cabinet Office chose to order from us at Banner Printing Android. In order to get the best possible solution to the need of the client for some free standing banners we suggested the use of the Budget Roller Banner. We suggested the Budget as the client would not be using them on a regular basis, so a cheap option was the most best choice.

Producing the Pop Up Banner Stands.

pop up banner stand
To produce the pop up banner stands for the client we followed our standard procedure. As the client requested an artwork check the first thing we did was send the artwork the client had sent to our pre-press department. Here the artwork was checked to see if it would fit onto the requested hardware. As the client had done their homework and followed our briefs the artwork fitted perfectly onto the banners. In order to print the banner portion of the stand we used our HP Designjet printer to print the design. The Designjet gives us the ability to print very high quality banners and wide format posters and is ideal for this sort of job. The final step of the job was to affix the graphic to the rest of the hardware and package up the system for delivery.

Pop Up Banner Stands don’t have to break the bank.

One of the major selling points for the client was that price of our banner stands which start from just £47.76. This puts them well within anyone! If you’d like to order a pop up banner stand you can find more details of each system on our roller banners page which details all of the systems that we currently sell.