East Cheshire Hospice Posters

East Cheshire Hospice Competition

East Cheshire Hospice first opened in 1988. That means that this year, they will be hosting a celebration for providing compassion, care and support to people who are facing tough challenge in their lives.

East Cheshire Hospice Posters

To celebrate this huge landmark, the hospice will be holding a special bumper lottery draw. For just £1 per ticket, you could win a jackpot of £1988! Why not head on over and purchase your lottery ticket now! 

To promote this event, East Cheshire Hospice have reverted back to the 80’s by ordering a fluorescent orange pvc banner with matching roller banners too! If you’re looking for something different, why not try this striking look for your business?!

Banner & Poster Design

The hospice already had the idea of going with florescent colours because of the 80’s theme. However, if you’re struggling to think of a design for a banner, we can help. We have an experienced design team who are ready to help. Just provide them with a little information about your business or event and they’ll get to work on your banners.

The design team will also keep in touch with you during the design process of your banners to keep you updated and to ensure that you are 100% happy with the designs before they are sent off to print.

FREE Delivery

If you would like to purchase a banner or poster from Banner Printing Android, you will receive FREE UK Mainland delivery with your order. If you purchase a roller banner rom us, you will also receive a FREE carry case too!

Contact Banner Printing Android

Would you like to get in touch with us to have your own banners designed or printed? Would you like to hear more about any of the products that we have available? If so, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 01625 435130. You can also get in touch by emailing your query to  hello@printandroid.co.uk.

Success in 2018

Make Your Business More Successful in 2018

Looking to make your business more successful in 2018? Take a look at our advertisement tips on how to gain more custom in 2018.

success in 2018

Success With Banners

PVC banners are one of our most popular selling item. They are made from high quality materials and we print them with UV inks to ensure that the design doesn’t fade. We also supply 510gsm as standard, whereas most companies charge extra to have it as a premium banner.

Depending on how much space you have available to advertise your business, you can choose your own banner size. Also, you can customise your own banner to show potential customers which offers are currently available.

vape expo banner

If your business is on a busy street, install your banner at eye level where people are going to see it. Use bright colours (but not too many) as well as your own logo or slogan for people to remember you by. Our banners are lightweight and weatherproof meaning that they can be easily installed both indoors or outdoors.

Roller Banners

If you don’t have a huge amount of space to advertise your business, we would recommend purchasing a roller banner. Roller banners are great for placing in the likes of reception areas where people are constantly walking past, or taking to exhibitions for people to learn a little more about your company.

At Banner Printing Android we have our own Online Design Tool where you can design your own roller banner. Select your own background, colours, images, logos and text to create the perfect roller banner for your business.

roller banner

Pavements Signs & A Boards

Do you have lots of potential customers walking past your business everyday? Make sure that they can’t miss it by placing a pavement sign in front of your store. Having a pavement sign will ensure that if the public happen to walk past your store without looking, they won’t be able to walk past your sign without missing it, especially if you have great offers or humorous text!

pavement sign

Exhibition Stands

Looking to expand your company in 2018? If you’re heading to an exhibition in the new year, make sure that you can hold your own with the big companies. Look more professional than they do! It doesn’t cost a fortune to look professional. We have a wide range of exhibition stands in different sizes that will stand out from the crowd.

exhibition stand

The great thing about our exhibition stands is that they can also be re used. If you are planning to go to a few, you can chop and change different panels in your exhibition stand to keep things fresh.

Design Team

If you’re struggling to find a design for any of the products mentioned, or simply don’t have time to design your own, we can help. We have our own design team at Banner Printing Android with years of experience. Just provide the team with a small amount of information about your business or event and they will get to work on designing your product.

banner design

The design team will also keep in touch during the design process to ensure that your are 100% happy with everything before your products goes off to print.

Free UK Mainland Delivery

Every item ordered from Banner Printing Android will receive FREE UK  Mainland delivery. if you purchase a roller banner, you will also receive a FREE Carry case to transport your banner to and from events.

free delivery

Contact Banner Printing Android

If you would like to hear more information about any of the products that we have available, or would like us to go ahead and design the perfect product for your business, feel free to give our team a call on 01625 435 130. You can also get in touch by emailing us at hello@printandroid.co.uk.

Gaming Mat

The Perfect Gaming Mat

Invented a new game, or need a mat creating for your current game? We can help.

gaming mat

Has your old gaming mat become damaged, or maybe you’ve invented a new game? Either way, you can send in your design and we will edit it so it fits perfectly onto a custom sized gaming mat.

You will receive a non slip pvc gaming mat which easily rolls away when not in use. The mat will be made from a Premium, thick 510gsm PVC Material which enhances images and backgrounds to give the wow factor!

gaming mat

Gaming Mats

We can provide you with a space mat, a Guild Ball mat or a Fleet Commander play surface, each of which can come in various sizes and colours. However, if you are looking to have a mat made for your own game, you’ll have to speak to the BPA design team.

BPA Gaming Mat Design

Are you struggling to design your own gaming mat? Let us help. We have an in-house design team with years of experience. Just provide them with information about your game and they will get to work.

The design team will keep in touch during the design phase to ensure that you are 100% happy with your gaming mat before it goes off to print.

gaming mat design

Free Uk Mainland Delivery

Every order at Banner Printing Android will receive FREE UK Mainland Delivery. We feel as though our customers shouldn’t have to deal with any unexpected charges during the checkout phase.

mat for gaming

Get in touch

To find out more information about any of our products at Banner Printing Android, if you would like to have your own gaming mat created, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call on 01625 435 130. You can also get in touch by emailing us with your query at hello@printandroid.co.uk.

Dibond Ferrari Boards

Dibond Boards for Ferrari Garage

At Banner Printing Android, we have created Ferrari artwork to be installed in our customers garage to go along side their collection of amazing Ferrari’s.

ferrari dibond boards

Our design team were asked to design the artwork for the Ferrari boards to be installed in our customers garage.

Printing With Dibond

The artwork was printed on to dibond material. Dibond is made up by using sheets of aluminium 0.3mm sheets sandwiching a PVC centre. Dibond has a life cycle of up to 7 years. We print dibond using UV inks which give longer life to the graphics ensuring that the design doesn’t fade. We can add plotted vinyl graphics to dibond if metallic colours need to be added. We also coat the boards with anti-graffiti laminate so that they stay long lasting and hard wearing.

dibond boards for ferrari

BPA Installation team

As well as designing and creating the artwork for the dibond images, we also installed them too. We have an installation at banner printing android. The reason that we send our installation team to install artwork is so that we can oversee the whole project and also ensure that is done to a high standard. It also saves money for the end user as well as time trying to hire a company to install the artwork for them.

We have also been asked to take pictures of the underneath of two Ferrari’s and turn them into a mat which helps the owner of the Ferrari’s when it comes to parking as the car will line up perfectly with the stickers.

dibond for cars

Have Your Dibond Board Designed

If you would like to have your own dibond boards created and designed, we can do it for you. At Banner Printing Android, we have an in-house design ready to create you the perfect sign. Just give them a few details as to what you are looking for and the design team will get to work on your design. They will stay in touch during the design phase by sending you images of your designs to ensure that you are 100% happy with what we have created for you.

ferrari design
Contact Banner Printing Android

If you would like to hear more information about have designs created for your home or business, please get in touch with our team on 01625 435 130 You can also get in touch by emailing your query to hello@printandroid.co.uk.

Printed Gradient Problems

Printing Problems, Let us help

If you’re having a few printed gradient problems, then chances are you are suffering from this.  It’s possible to change but you may need to discuss with our pre-press department before printing.  Wide format printing, particularly on banners and roller banners can be problematic when gradients are used… This problem is called PostScript Stepping

Problems With Printed Gradients

PostScript Stepping

This colour stepping is an inevitable result of having very slight colour gradients across a large distance.

On colour printing machines, tints are achieved by printing the process colours in a dot pattern, where larger dots create a darker tint, and smaller dots a lighter tint.

The dots themselves are made up of a number of pixels – and there are, in most technologies, 256 pixels to each dot. In a solid colour all the pixels are coloured in, whereas in a 50% tint the dot is made by colouring 50% of the pixels – i.e. 128 pixels.

EXAMPLE: If you make a gradient where one of the process colours starts at 10% (26 pixels) and grades to 5% (13 pixels) then there are only 13 steps available to create the gradient. (26 -13 = 13). If this gradient is across a short distance the eye does not see the steps and believes it to be a smooth gradient. But if you stretch this 13 step gradient across, for example, 13 inches then there will be one step per inch, and the human eye will see them. They never teach designers this at college.

The fact that the bands themselves appear to change colour within their width is an optical illusion. In the step wedge below, each rectangle is a constant flat shade, but the optical illusion makes it seem as if each rectangle goes darker from left to right.

Problems with printed gradients

Resolving the Issue

My own suggestion to improve the artwork in question would be simply to make each of the triangles in the graphic a flat colour. The gradients within them are so small as to be virtually un noticeable anyway, and flat tints would remove the stepping issue.

Contact Banner Printing Android

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch about any of the products on our website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 01625 435 130. Also, feel free to get in touch with us by emailing hello@printandroid.co.uk.

Wide Roller Banner For Your Business

Make Your Business Stand Out!

If you want your business to look head and shoulders above the rest, make sure you get your wide roller banner printed at Banner Printing Android.

wide roller banner


You can find out more and get an Instant quote on all of our wider pop up banners on our Wide pull up banner page.


If you are planning on showing your company off to potential customers at an exhibition, a wide roller banner could be perfect for you. Wide roller banners are easy to install yourself giving you extra time to prepare for customers. They can also be stored away in under two minutes which is great if you need to make a quick exit.

Wide Roller Banner as a Backdrop

Many of the wide pop-up banners we sell are destined for the stage.  They are perfect for use as photography backdrops at awards nights or press conferences and are cheap and easy to set up.

wide roller banner

Top Tip

If you aren’t looking to spend money on an exhibition display, you could fit three wide roller banners together to create dividing walls for your business. It might not be as effective as an exhibition stand and it won’t be a flush joint, but it could be great for those businesses on a tight budget!

When it comes to the design of your wide roller banner, were here to help. If you don’t have a design ready or you’re unsure what to put on your banner, our experienced design team can do that for you!

If you have your own artwork prepared, you can head on over to create your own Wide Roller Banner.

If you’re thinking of spending a little extra to make your business look even more professional, a pop up stand would be perfect for an exhibition or business event.

custom wide banner

Pop up stands are easy to set up and take down before and after an event making them ideal for taking to numerous exhibitions.

Contact Us

If you are interested in having a wide roller banner printed for your business or you’d like to find out about what other products we have to offer, please visit our website. You can also call us during our office hours (Monday – Friday 8am- 5pm) on 01625 435 130 or email us at hello@printandroid.co.uk


Foamex Point of Sale Signage.

Foamex point of sale signs to buy online.  Get an instant quote or discuss your requirement with our print team…

foamex signs

We at Banner Printing Android recently completed a order placed by Rupert & Buckley, a fast growing, upmarket clothes brand selling high quality typical British student clothes. The company required a large amount of Foamex signs for use at their outlets.

Ordering Your Foamex Signs

Ordering foamex point of sale signage can be a time consuming job. First you need to find a wide format printer who is capable of printing on foamex. Then, you have to e-mail or ring a company to get a quote for the price of the signage, which can take days and even weeks. Artwork then needs to be supplied and checked by the printers before it finally get’s printed. All this work results in wasted time and money for the client.

Cheaper, Faster Foamex Signage.

By coming through Banner Printing Android Rupert & Buckley were able to save both time and money. Our online quoting tool for Foamex signs allowed the company to get a price for the exact number of signs they required. It also allowed them to specify down to the mm the exact size of each panel and get a quote for precisely that. By using the tool the quote for the signage was instantaneous without the need to talk to any sales staff – saving on the admin time that’s put on to most quotes!

The time span was also greatly improved – the client was able to upload their artwork right away. Once the artwork was uploaded then it immediately entered production. The signs were printed and delivered to the client all within 4 working days – far quicker than other sites which can take weeks to dispatch signage.

The price you see is the price you pay.

With Banner Printing Android the price you see in your quote is the price you pay. We do not charge for UK Mainland delivery and again means that you save when you come to us compared with other sites.

We thank Rupert & Buckley for their custom and will look forward to working with them again. You can start saving money on Foamex Signage by clicking the button below to get your instant quote!

Windproof Banners to Promote Festival

Our Mesh Banners are the perfect windproof banner.  Ideal in exposed positions, the mesh banners negate the need for wind slits in your banners.

windproof banners

Windproof Banners used to promote Lockerbie Jazz Festival

At Banner Printing Android we have recently printed a number of windproof banners to promote the Lockerbie Jazz Festival. The banners are also going to be used as decoration around the town during the festival.

With autumn coming the organisers were mindful of the need for banners which would be able to stand up to the elements. Whilst our PVC Banners can stand up to the elements well and will not discolour in the rain. The PVC Banners can be problematic in high winds. This is because the solid banners can act as a ‘sail’ which can damage whatever the banner is attached to.

Mesh PVC for Windproof banners

In order to be satisfied that the banners would be fully windproof the organisers of the festival chose to order mesh banners. The mesh banners are printed onto a PVC mesh material which allows air to pass through the banner easily. This means that the banner will be unruffled by the wind or any other weather conditions!

Designing Windproof Banners.

windproof banner
When you design windproof banners printed on PVC mesh material you need to design the banners differently to how you would design a standard banner. Where designing for mesh material you need to remember that the holes will obscure small text and images. That means that a very simple design is needed with large fonts and bold colours which is shown in the images above. The designs that we have printed for this job are very striking and stand out!

Ordering Windproof Banners.

It’s easy to order windproof banners from our website. Just head to our mesh banners page and select a size of banner that you need. We offer three standard sizes – small (6x2ft) medium (8x3ft) and large (12x3ft) for windproof banners. You can also order a custom sized banner if you need a banner at a certain size.

All of our banners are with the client in 4 working days if you choose Free Delivery. We offer a 48hr Delivery service if you select this option at the checkout and pay an extra £15. We can also deliver on a Saturday morning for £25 (orders must be placed pre 12pm on a Thursday.)

If you’d like us to use give us a call to discuss windproof banners then give us a call on 01625 435 130.

Banners for Sport Festivals.

At Banner Printing Android we often supply PVC Banners for sport festivals. Many of those organising these types of events use the PVC Banners for a range of different purposes. From using them to advertise the festival around the local community, using it to create directional signage around the festival or to create a way of celebrating the victors of the festival, we see PVC Banners become a highly important part of the day for the organisers.

Case Study – 7 Bamboos Rugby.

One such festival which used PVC Banners ordered from us was the Hartpury Sevens which was organised by 7 Bamboos Rugby. 7 Bamboos Rugby are based in Gloucestershire. Their focus is on offering valuable opportunities for young people to play Sevens Rugby to improve fitness levels, consequently preventing long-term diseases such as obesity.

As part of the festival there was a need for different PVC Banners to fulfill different roles around the ground on the day to ensure that the festival proceeded smoothly. One of the ways in which the PVC Banners were used was to allocate areas of the ground to the teams which were participating. Using PVC Banners with eyelets meant that the banners could easily be affixed to fences around the perimeter.
banners for sport festivals

Another PVC banner played perhaps the most important role on the day! The teams that won their respective competitions were presented with their cups, trophies or plates. As part of their presentation the teams were photographed as they raised their price aloft behind a PVC Banner which let everyone know that they were the winners!

Banners for Sport Festivals

Order your own Banners for Sport Festivals.

At Banner Printing Android it’s incredibly simple to order PVC Banners for your Sports Festival. All you need to do is to head to our PVC Banners page, select a size that you require (Small, Medium, Large or Custom) and then complete your order – it’s that simple! We offer the ability to upload your own artwork or we can design artwork for you for just an additional £25.

We are here to help, so if there’s anything you need to discuss with our team then don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our office is open from Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm and can be reached on 01625 435 150. We look forward to printing your Banners for Sport Festivals and making your festival something very special indeed.

Band Banners

Banner Printing Android is the right place to come for your band banner. Whether its a bespoke stage wrap, backdrop or simple banner for your band we’re here to help. We offer –

  • Cheap Banner printing
  • High quality inks – vibrant colours
  • We can design for you
  • Free Delivery to the UK Mainland

Band Banners starting from £10.05!

Band banners start at just £10.05 and for easy-to-use band backdrops we have the simple and easy to use Pegasus banner frame. You can receive a price for customised PVC band banners using the quote calculator.
band banners

Professional PVC Band Banners are now available cheaper than ever with Banner Printing Android. If you need a graphic designing we’ve got a design team to help set you on your way. Our aim is to help you make your band visible wherever your performance, and at affordable costs. Our design online tool may help, however if you would like to discuss bigger banners and full stage wraps our banner specialists are available at any time to discuss your bands requirements on 01625 435130.

Band Flyers and posters.

Print Android doesn’t just stop at supplying your band backdrops and banners, we’ve been printing band flyers and posters since 1974. We can also supply posters suitable for inside and outside from A6 to A0 the sky is the limit we can even wrap your kit!

How about a pegasus banner stand?

We are now producing a light, easy to assemble Banner frame called the Pegasus, which can hold PVC banners upto 2.4 metres x 2.4 metres and can hold variable sizes of banner.

band backdrops

This banner stand will enable your band banner to be visible at rear stage even when there is nothing to pin your graphic to. To discuss the Pegasus stand and banners to suit please call the Android team on 01625 435130.

Get your band name on the map!

In order for the audience to enjoy the ambience and feel of a concert, it is vital that the visual element of a show is treated with just as much importance as the auricular side. This is where band banners can make the difference: Without band banners, stages would look bare and empty, with the audiences unlikely to be entirely absorbed in the music. A band would also not be able to display their name, meaning less publicity for them; this is especially important for the majority of bands around the world who are trying desperately to get themselves known, playing local gigs and venues to boost their profile.

Why Choose a PVC Band Banner
  • 440gsm industry standard PVC makes your banner durable indoors & outdoors.
  • Banner PVC is easily rolled & stored and can be transported easily.
  • High quality banner printing means your design will be vivid and clear.
  • Fantastic prices.
  • Easy to erect backstage and compatible with Pegasus PVC banner frame.
  • Why would I need a band banner?

Every band that wants to make an immediate and lasting impact on their audience must make sure the visual ambience of the room is perfect. It is not only the ears which must be pleased at a gig, but the eyes too. If your stage is bare and void of any vibrancy or vitality, it is likely your show, no matter how good the music is, will fade in the memories of the audience. With band banners (if cool and carefully designed!), you can make sure you give the audience that extra visual dimension and wow factor. Band banners are also crucial in promoting the name and profile of your band; without band banners, many in the audience will be left wondering who exactly just played on the stage! Band banners will imprint upon the audience an image of your name to ensure your band will live long in their memory.

Use our FREE band banner templates to design your PVC banner.

If you don’t have an artwork package and you’d like to design a banner using a simple design template, you can use our free design tool to add your text to your PVC band banner. This saves you time and also makes getting a backdrop very easy!