What was 2018’s best World Cup kit, and what’s that got to do with banners?

A successful banner is like a popular football kit, discuss. OK we will, because the link is less tenuous than you’re probably thinking right now.

Sales, sales, sales

Take the 2018 World Cup outfit that was winning all the pre-tournament popularity polls: the almost psychedelic Nigeria kit. It electrifies the usual Super Eagles green with retro zig-zags, and Nike reported that it had sold out within three hours of being available to buy.

There you have it. The big connection between football shirts and promotional banners is that they are both judged on the sales they drive. And they achieve their success by being distinctive, sending a clear message and being in tune with their target market.

Be iconic

It’s no coincidence that the truly great international football kits, like Brazil’s classic yellow and blue or Argentina’s ‘albiceleste’, are often described as iconic. They barely change from decade to decade, with just a little fine tuning of details to keep them current and make each ‘edition’ different.

Brazil vs Argentina

A successful banner can work in a very similar way, as long as you have an established brand or a proven sales message. You just need to remind people what you’re all about, and do it in the right place at the right time. You can afford to be quietly confident and understated; just don’t let it turn into complacency. That’s arguably what happened to both teams this year.

Or be dramatic

Others, like the Nigeria 2018 strip, are much more dramatically distinctive and unusual. That works because Nigeria is a much less established brand than Brazil, so they have to work harder to stand out and get noticed.

Croatia is the supreme example of this principle in action. When the small Balkan nation gained independence in 1990, they burst onto the football scene with that instantly recognisable red and white chequerboard pattern. It’s so attractive we can almost forgive them for beating England in that fateful semi-final!

If you’re a Nigeria/Croatia underdog style business, you need banners and other marketing materials that catch the eye, grab people’s attention and make them notice you. In short, you need the kind of creativity and quality Banner Printing Android will always deliver. (Think of us as the Luka Modric of printers.)

But don’t be Senegal

We mention poor old Senegal just to demonstrate that it’s all too possible to get things wrong. Their white shirt with a lion watermark was voted worst kit of the tournament by GQ and others.

Senegal kit 2018

There’s a fine balance between being different enough to get noticed and trying too hard or just being a bit naff. All the more reason to put your printing requirements in the hands of proven professionals like Spiral and Banner Printing Android.

Tips on Building your Brand Through Print

Brands are a big subject. That must be true because quite a few people earn a good living by being brand experts, consultants and other types of guru. However, if you run a small, unassuming business, it’s tempting to believe that you don’t need to worry about being a brand; that’s strictly for the big boys.

Not true. Every organisation with a name and a logo is a brand. And if you’re not making the most of your brand (or even admitting that you have one), that means you’re neglecting an important aspect of your business. It’s like having a shop window and putting nothing in it.

We can help

Now for the good news, work with smart, resourceful people such as Spiral and Banner Printing Android and you can build your brand without even speaking to a consultant, let alone paying money to one. (You can save that for when success has made you a much bigger business.) We have a wealth of experience in helping customers to boost their brand awareness and sales with the pure power of print, so here are our top tips.

Know who your customers are

Think about who you’re trying to appeal to; analyse who buys what you’re offering and why. Now you’re ready to tailor your branding and your messages to the only people who matter – existing and potential customers. You may even end up with a logo, a colour or a message you don’t personally like. It doesn’t matter as long as paying customers respond to it.

Know who you are

Marketing experts talk about Brand Essence, but all it means is knowing what your brand stands for; understanding what appeals to your customers. Once you’ve worked that out, you’re on your way.

Keep it simple. Really simple.

Take the really successful brand slogans as your model. They are very clever, but in a particular way: they’re brilliantly simple. If your message is more complicated that “Does exactly what it says on the tin”, “Should have gone to Specsavers” or “Every little helps”, you need to simplify it. Too much information is counter-productive. The golden rule is “Say One Thing Well.”

Get the basics right

Is your chosen typeface easy to read? Are people understanding what you’re telling them? Is everything spelt correctly? This stuff really matters.

Quality counts

When a banner (for example) is beautifully printed, kept clean and smart and features the right words and the right image, you stand a chance. Anything less and you’re giving people an opportunity to ignore  it or dismiss it. Because they’re much more interested in what’s for dinner, last night’s telly or that attractive person walking towards them.

Naturally we’re now going to add that working with us at Spiral and Banner Printing Android is the simplest, surest way to secure a piece of print that makes you feel proud and delivers a decent return on your investment.

Do people still read banners, signs and posters in the online age?

Yes is the short answer. But we’re Banner Printing Android, so we would say that wouldn’t we?

And it is tempting to feel that the digital realm has completely taken over. Consider how hard it is to walk down a street without almost colliding with someone staring at a phone rather than looking where they’re going.

On the other hand, consider how hard it is to walk down a street without encountering a sign, banner or poster. They work, not least because they can offer instant gratification. If the sign promoting fish and chips makes you hungry, the shop is right there.

The best evidence that signs and banners still work is that hard-nosed business people continue to pay us (and one or two other inferior companies) good money for them. Apparently even teenagers occasionally lift their eyes from Snapchat and take in their actual surroundings.

Extreme irony alert

Ironic sign

Although banners (especially ours) are eye-catching and effective, they have one potential drawback. Permanence. If you make a mistake, everyone is going to see it and keep seeing it.

The banner pictured here is a case in point. The Chepstow people made the mistake of celebrating their town’s award of a plastic-free accolade with a banner made of…erm…plastic. Ridicule followed. They attempted to justify the obvious howler by saying that it was single use plastic they were against, and the banner was the long-lasting, reusable, environmentally friendly kind. But the digital age is also the binary age; everything is either brilliant or terrible. So naturally that attempt at a subtle, nuanced argument was dismissed out of hand.

Spelling is telling

Shoplifting Sign

In a similar way, a misspelt or badly worded sign or banner is going to be seen by a lot of people.

If you use the “greengrocer’s apostrophe” (banana’s) or get your words mixed up, your business is at risk of looking foolish, rather than irresistible.

The moral of this story is simple: put your trust in professionals who are sure to help you get it right and avoid the obvious pitfalls. Preferably us.

Election Banners

Banner Printing Android produce an array of campaign marketing products including election banners.  Our PVC banners are printed at high quality to give your campaign a professional look at a cheap price with FREE delivery to most UK mainland addresses.

Banners for marketing an election campaign

Promote Your Campaign with Election Banners

You can get an instant price for your election campaign by clicking the Instant Quote button.  Take a look at our election signs and banners and get a price or order online today.

Banners start from as little as £11.99 but you can choose any size you require.  Simply click the link above and then click “Instant Quote” on the banners or election signs and click the green “Custom” button.  This will allow you to add sizes in any unit.

A full range of Printed Campaign Materials

You can upload your own banner design or you can select a simple template to add and personalise your message in small medium and large banner sizes.

Election Sign Boards

As well as printing election banners, we also print election signs direct to Correx board.  Again you can choose any size you require to get an instant price.   Delivery is free to most UK mainland addresses – A few sample prices are below:

50 x 300mm x 400mm election boards £167.78 +vat

100 x 300mm x 400mm election boards £275.78 +vat

50 x 600mm x 450mm election boards £302.78 +vat

100 x 600mm x 450mm election boards £545.78 +vat

Design Specification for Election Banners

When you click through to the PVC banner page you will find artwok specification for designers.  However if you order your banner, we will never enter print production until we are entirely happy with your banner artwork.

A Full range of campaign marketing products

Banner Printing Android is the wide format printing division of Spiral Colour. We can help you with the print of campaign posters, leaflets, signage and banners, making us a true one stop shop for your campaign.  We’re quick too – we can get your printed election campaign products to your doorstep within 48 hours.  Give the team a call to discuss your requirements on 01625 435130

Folding Banner Display Stand

Display Stands That Can Fold Down to a Cassette

Banner Printing Android have a huge range of folding banner display stands and roller banners for you to choose from.  Take a look at our range of exhibition stand alternatives.

folding banner display stands

A Wide Range of Portable Banner Display Options

We can help you with all kinds of folding banner display options, from wide roller banners like the one above, or a standard 800mm wide roller banner.  These folding (or rolled) banner stands offer excellent value for money that can be used time and time again.

exhibition display stands

Folding Banner Displays can be set up in just a few minutes and, more importantly can be packed away for next time even quicker.  They are incredibly easy to move around and because of their low cost have good ROI potential.  The stand above folds down so it can be transported in just two transit cases.  Perfect for displays where limited time is available for set up and breakdown.

3x3 pop-up

Folding Portable Display Stands

The 3×3 pop up stand is by far the most common folding display stand.  It folds completely to an easy-to-move wheeled case and includes spotlights, and transit case.  Take a look at our Exhibition pop-up stand bundles for more information.

See our Brochure for all portable display stands

We have created a brochure with a comprehensive range of folding and portable exhibition stands.  It gives a great idea of how they can be set up and quickly the stand can be taken down.

Click the link below for more information regarding these portable exhibition stands

Portable exhibition stands



A1 A-Board with Waterproof Posters

A quality A1 A-Board from Banner Printing Android…

A1 A-Board with waterproof posters

The A1 A-Board is the perfect pavement sign if you are going to be changing your poster graphics occasionally or often.  The clip-out frame means it takes just a couple of minutes to exchange your posters.

The A1 A-Board is double sided so you can show two different posters if required.  The price is inclusive of two waterproof posters.

Take a look at our full range of A-Boards from A2 to A0 in size on our A-Board and Pavement sign section

A1 Waterproof Posters Included with A-Board

Two waterproof posters are included in the price making the A1 A-Board fully waterproof.  The posters are printed onto a stay-flat polypropylene which are durable and completely waterproof.  The stay-flat nature of the A1 posters, together with a scuff resistant clear acetate cover ensures a professional looking sign and gives longevity.  This particular A-Board has a choice of three sizes.

Help Designing Your A1 A-Board

If you are designing you’re a-board posters yourself or you would like us to design it for you, we are here to help at any time.

If you are designing your own poster graphics, we have added artwork specification in the tab above, but if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

If you would like us to design your A1 A-Board, you can send us an email hello@printandroid.co.uk or you can give the team a call on 01625 435130.  All we need from you is the text and any logo’s or images you would like including on the waterproof posters.


A full Range of A-Boards Available

If you are looking for a different style of A1 A-Board, take a look at our full range of pavement signs.  We can print any style graphic in high definition, whether from your own artwork or you would like us to design it for you.A1 A-Boards with waterproof posters

A-Board Size
A2 – 594 x 420mm
A1 – 841 x 594mm
A0 – 1189 x 841mm
Visual area
A2 – 574 x 400mm
A1 – 821 x 574mm
A0 – 1169 x 821mm

Outdoor Banner Frames for PVC Banners

outdoor banner frames

Specialists in banner printing we are also suppliers of outdoor banner frames for pvc banners.  Banner Printing Android are one of the UK’s largest online suppliers of PVC banners and we have a host of banner frames to suit all sizes.

Outdoor Banner Frames

Our outdoor banner frames are designed to be easily transported, easily constructed in just a few minutes and easily purchased online!

To get an instant quote, go to our banner frames category.

The frames are made from aluminium making them lightweight and break down to easily manageable lengths.  You won’t need any tools to put them together and set up will take just a few minutes. You will find a video showing how to put them up on the banner frame page.  The outdoor banner frames also come as either a double sided or single sided banner frame.  And your pvc banners and delivery are included in the price!

What size Banner Frames Do I need?

It’s true to say that for a 3 metre wide banner frame,  you won’t need a 3 metre wide pvc banner.  The pvc banners that fit with the frames are slightly smaller, ensuring that the banners are kept taught and neat with the frame.  This makes for very professional looking signage and will provide a flat banner without folds or creases, ensuring your banners message is not not impeded.

For example, three of our banner frame sizes are shown below with the pvc banner size shown alongside:

1.25m x 1.25m banner frame = 1090mm x 1090mm PVC Banner

2.5m x 1m banner frame = 2340mm x 840mm PVC Banner

3m x 1.25m banner frame = 2840mm x 1090mm PVC Banner

If you need any advice about your outdoor banner frame get in touch…

We are here to help.  So if you have any questions about your pvc banner frame, simply give us a call on 01625 435130 or email hello@printandroid.co.uk


Vinyl Banners for Outdoors

Tough Vinyl Banners for the Great Outdoors

vinyl banners for outdoors

Vinyl banner printing specialist Print Android are specialists in printing vinyl banners for outdoors.  We manufacture and design vinyl banners for outdoors.  They are produced at high quality at a low cost with an express turnaround available.

For an Instant Quote, go to our PVC Banners Page and click “Instant Quote”


Durable Vinyl Banners

The PVC banner material is of high quality too, ensuring that your banner will be durable and last throughout the winter months.  The option to add hem and eyelets is free of charge, we don’t add costs for finishing like some other manufacturers.

If you are fitting a banner in exposed areas at risk of wind damage, take a look at our mesh banners.  Mesh banners allow the wind to flow through the banner giving less stress on the banner and structure it is fitted too.  Our PVC mesh banner section explains in more detail.

Free Delivery

We have free delivery to most mainland UK addresses and we have an express service which will get your banner over to you within 48 hours when ordered before noon.  You can choose your delivery option at checkout.

Designing Your Vinyl Banner

banner printing android design studio

If you are designing your own vinyl banner, we have added artwork spec on a tab on each product page, however you may want to look at more comprehensive advice on our artwork specifications page.  Give the team a call if you need any help.

If you would like us to design your banner for you, our designers will create a vinyl banner to your brief.  Simply go to the PVC banner page for your quote and select “Instant Quote – We Design” and you can add your brief, together with any images or logo’s when you order.  If you would like to speak to one of our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01625 435130 or email hello@printandroid.co.uk

Personalise One Of Our Vinyl Banner Templates

designing banners online

You can personalise a pre-designed vinyl banner template by adding text and images/logo’s.  It’s free and easy to use – go to the design online section where you will find all sorts of banner designs.




Printed Banners

Banner Printing Android are specialists in printed banners.  Our PVC banners are printed on 510gsm PVC material and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Vinyl Banner Printing UK

How To Buy Printed Banners

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to buy printed banners.  Our website has all kinds of banners available including:

Printed PVC banners

Mesh Banners

Reflective Banners

Roller Banners

High Quality Printing

We print all our banners at a high definition to ensure your graphics are vivid and sharp.  That’s why we are the choice of designers and marketing personnel across the UK

When you are using our online design tool to create printed banners from the pre-designed templates, the design tool will warn you if the image is not quite good enough, helping you select images that will look great.

If you are designing your own banner, we’ve added Design Spec tabs on each product, with a PDF download, to help you design a banner that will look great.

Free Delivery on All Printed Banners

We offer free delivery to most UK mainland addresses, and we’ve kept the cost down on deliveries to addresses that most delivery services consider outside the mainland.  We also offer an Express Delivery service, that will make sure you receive your banner within 48 hours of ordering.  Checkout the delivery page for more details on how we will get your printed banner to you on time, no matter where you are across Europe.

Designing a Printed Banner

If you are designing your own PVC banner we can offer support and advice to make sure you get the banner you want.

If you need help designing your banner there are two ways we can help. Firstly try on of pre-designed templates which allow you to add text and images to a design template.  It’s quick and easy and doesn’t cost a bean!

Alternatively you can click the “We design It” button and you will get a quote and a place to upload your brief.

Give the team a call on 01625 435130 to discuss your design or email hello@printandroid.co.uk


Frames for Banners

If you need frames for banners, you have come to the right place.  Not only do we include the banners in the price, but we offer free delivery too!

banner frames

A Full Range of Frames for Banners

Banner Printing Android offers a range of frames for banners which are perfect for holding PVC banners.

The most common frame for banners is the Monsoon banner frame which holds a typical PVC banner horizontally as shown above.  They are simple to assemble and are easily transported.  They are made from aluminium so they are lightweight, and each piece has a push-fit end, meaning you won’t need tools to construct them.  They will take a matter of minutes to assemble.

They are mainly used at outdoor events and are perfect for car dealerships, festivals and sporting events where banners are used and require a banner frame to support a message.

Different Sized Banner Frames

The banner frames come in 3 different sizes.  All are available as either single or double sided, and bespoke sizes can be ordered to ensure that we can offer frames for banners, whatever the size.

The cost effective, off-the-shelf sizes are:

1.25m x 1.25m banner frame

2.5m x 1m banner frame

3m x 1.25m banner frame

Why Choose Banner Printing Android?

  • FREE delivery to mainland UK
  • PVC Banner/s included in the price
  • Carry bag included
  • Guide pegs to secure your banner frame
  • Elastic cords to secure your banner to the frame
  • Cheap prices
  • 12 month guarantee

Each banner frame comes with a carry bag and guide pegs to secure it to the ground.  They are also guaranteed for 12 months and have banners included in the price which are printed at a high resolution.

The Pegasus Frames for Banners

band backdrops

The Pegasus is an indoor banner frame.  It is a great way of getting your message across at exhibitions, on stage and concerts, as well as in retail if you have the room for it!  The 2.4 metre x 2.4 metre frame can be adjusted both ways to suit a PVC banner with pole pockets.  The Pegasus comes with a single sided banner included – learn more about the Pegasus Banner Stand here

Many bands use the Pegasus to hold their band banners as they are quick and easy to assemble, and give an independent way of holding a banner.