Seven ways to make your leaflets more effective

Whatever business, product, service or event you are promoting, you are unlikely to do it without using a leaflet at some stage. These shiny little booklets or flyers (does anyone call them pamphlets any more?) are ubiquitous. On every counter in every store. Handed out on every shopping street and at every event. Pushed through every letter box.

This has been the case ever since modern leaflet printing techniques were invented, and it isn’t going to change any time soon. So the questions isn’t “do I need a leaflet?” it’s “what kind of leaflet do I need – and how many?”.

The reason personalised leaflets are so popular is because they cost so little and work so hard. At Spiral Colour we love leaflet and flyer printing and believe that even people who use them regularly don’t always appreciate their true possibilities. How you can maximise impact with different leaflet sizes for example.

Even though personalised leaflets are amazingly cost effective, you still want maximum bang for your buck. So here are the seven secrets of leaflet success.

  1. Tell people what to do and how to do it

Too obvious? You’d be amazed how many businesses provide content for a leaflet without including a call to action or contact details. Think: what do I want people to do, and how can I make it easy for them do it? Tell them clearly where they can buy the product or book the service. And give them all the realistic contact options so they have no excuse for not responding – your address, phone number, email. Maybe even a map.

  1. Use your logo and branding

You may be bored with your logo and/or brand colours but your prosepective customers won’t be. Stick with your branding to make each leaflet consistent and instantly recognisable as coming from you.

  1. Be clever with colour

Yes you need to use brand colours, but you also want your leaflet to stand out. Use a designer, or ask your printer for design advice, and you’ll be amazed how cleverly a limited colour palette can be used to achieve stand-out without going garish. And remember readability. Pink type on a purple background could be ‘creative’, but it’s more likely to be just illegible.

  1. Choose the right paper

People pick up leaflets to read them, so what they feel matters as well as what they see. Your printer will be full of suggestions for matching the paper type to your brand and message. It could be a luxurious gloss finish or a stylish, understated matt. Perhaps even craft or recycled paper if you’re hoping to convey a message of authenticity or artiness.

  1. Get the artwork right

Even the finest printer can’t produce a great leaflet using poor artwork. Again, either use a real designer or ask the printer for design advice. They’ll make sure your photographs or illustrations reproduce crisply for example. They’ll check that your logo is clear and your message is readable. Leaflets that make a poor first impression with fuzzy images and clunky type don’t get read.

  1. Fonts make a massive difference

The typeface (aka font) you choose can transform the appeal of your leaflet. You want it to be readable, yet stylish – or wacky, or sober and serious, depending on the effect you have in mind. Comic Sans, for example, is best avoided if you are promoting legal services. A good designer will tell you that it’s best avoided even if you are typing to be funny. There are lots of better, less cliched alternatives.

  1. Talk to us

At Spiral Colour and Banner Printing Android we produce lods of leaflets for all kinds of businesses. Tell us what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll help you create exactly what you need, from a basic flyer to a lavish mini brochure.



Roll up, roll up. The ultimate roller banner guide.

Roller banners, also called event banners and sometimes personalised banners, are a familiar sight if you’ve ever attended a trade show or conference. Any kind of event in fact.

Your message is generally displayed using high quality print on an easy-to-roll substrate. This is attached to a robust yet lightweight metal stand. As the name suggests, the display can be rolled up and stored when not in use.

The main advantages of roller banners are portability and re-usability. Once you’ve had a banner produced, you’ll be able to use it time and time again, and get it from place to place with minimal transport cost or hassle. This also makes them highly cost effective of course.

Make your message stand out

Display of any kind is about getting your message noticed. A roller banner makes it stand out in the most literal sense: the frame turns a flat poster into an three dimensional display, making bright, bold, eye catching design even more unmissable. That’s why roller banners excel at adding extra ooomph to the promotion of a new product or forthcoming event. Great for bringing brand presence to a reception area too.

Pull-up banners

This is the commonest type of roller banner, in which the canvas is pulled up from the base of the stand, rolling out to present your message. The display is held firmly in place by the aluminium frame, so there’s no need to worry about flapping or curling.

When not in use, the display is tucked neatly away and kept in mint condition inside a robust carry bag. Pull-up roller banner options include:

  • Black pull up: a traditional design with a sleek aluminium stand and simple frame
  • Wide pull up: featuring a larger display for maximum impact – perfect for big, dramatic reveals
  • Premium pull up: printed on the finest quality matt coated vinyl to minimise any risk of glare
  • Double sided: banners printed on two pieces of vinyl, attached back to back – giving your graphics maximum visibility from whichever direction people approach it.

L banners

This is an excellent alternative to pull-ups if you have extra space to play with. The wider stand makes your design stand out…erm…outstandingly.

Pull out all the stops and go large

If you really want impact, it’s worth considering upgrading your roller banners and commissioning a full-on exhibition stand. Pop-up stands are surpisingly affordable and will certainly transform your presence at any event you are attending. These come in two types: the pop-up stand, and the pop-up tower.

Pop-up stands and towers

Think of a pop-stand as your portable wall of advertising, They can be up to 500cm wide and 200cm tall; a truly imposing presence for your brand and messaging.

When you don’t want to (or can’t) occupy much floor space, high is the way to go. A tall, multi-sided pop-up tower features three panels, perfect for wrap-around messaging. Towers are up to 2 metres high, ideal for dominating a crowded venue. Like all roll-up banners and pop-up stands, they are easy to assemble and transport, coming complete with a trolley and storage compartments.

Quality counts

A poor quality roll-up banner or stand from an inferior supplier can be a serious false economy. Pitfalls to watch out for include the tendency of cheap material to curl when rolled out. A flimsy substrate can also undermine your credibility with show-through. If light pours through the canvas from behind, the all-important graphics and messaging might as qwell not be there.

Ready to find out more? Talk to the Banner Printing Android team today.

Posters work. And size matters.

People only seem to have eyes for their smartphones nowadays, so does that mean old fashioned printed paper has had its day? Well, as Mark Twain said when someone published his obituary, “rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated”.

In fact businesses keep using posters for one simple reason: they work. A recent research study found that six sheet posters can double recall of a brand and boost intention to purchase by 47%. But what exactly is a six sheet poster? How does it differ from the other kinds? Here’s your quick poster size guide: all about the different dimensions and how they are used.

6 sheets or 96?

The biggest posters are the ones better known as billboards. They vary in size from six to ninety six sheet. Why sheets? Because originally billboard posters were pieced together from standard sized sheets of paper. This is no longer the case thanks to modern large format printing technology, but the old terminology has stuck.

A six sheet (1200mm x 1800mm) is the type of poster you see in bus shelters, train stations, busy streets and shopping malls. What else can turn a traffic jam, a queue or a late train into a positive?


Bigger billboards vary from 16 sheet to forty foot, 96 sheet monsters the size of a building. However the most common size is 48 sheet (6096mm x 3048mm). You pass dozens of them on any urban journey.


 Smaller sizes from A to B    


Billboards cost a lot of money because you have to hire the site as well as print the poster, so you generally have to work through an agency or contractor. But smaller poster sizes are much more affordable and manageable for everyday promotional purposes. All you need is a message, some artwork and a printer. They are the sort of posters you see in shop windows, public spaces such as libraries, churches and doctors’ waiting rooms, at trade shows and exhibitions… Almost anywhere.

They tend to follow the standard paper sizes used by printers: from A4 (a typical magazine page) to A0 (1189mm x 841mm) and B2 to B0. An A1 poster (841mm x 594mm) is perhaps the most frequently used size. The B sizes fall in between the A sizes to provide additional flexibility. For example B4 is between A4 and A3.

But rather than choose a size and risk getting it wrong, here’s a much better idea. Talk to an expert printer such as Spiral Colour and Banner Printing Android about what you have in mind, what you’re trying to achieve and how much you’re prepared to spend. We’ll make sure your posters are the most effective (and cost effective ) size and specification for your precise needs. And we’ll print them beautifully of course.

Kitting out a shell scheme stand for maximum effect

A shell scheme package is usually the lowest cost option when considering taking space at an exhibition. It simply means you’ll have an allotted space at the event with basic undecorated stand walls, a fascia board with your company name on it, lighting, flooring and access to a power supply. The rest is up to you.

Inspiration needed

Think of yourself as an artist with a blank canvas. Will you be intimidated or inspired? The danger is that your space will look all too similar to all those around it. The best way to avoid that is to get expert advice from a local company such as Spiral and Banner Printing Android. Our team is packed with people who’ve dealt with the shell scheme stand problem hundreds of times.

Beautifully printed graphics are a great start of course. But we’ve got one or two other tricks up our sleeve. Possible solutions include:

Dropping a pop-up stand into the space

It will instantly look less like a sterile unit and more like your own purpose-designed exhibition stand.

Installing free-standing desks

We can also provide literature stands, with seating and shelving.

Our unique Curvorama system

This can transform the space by making it possible to display graphics from wall to wall, ensuring that the shell scheme posts don’t get in the way.

Bespoke printed cube seating

They can feature your logo or other messaging and create a much smarter and more professional impression than standard chairs with a graphics applied.

So now you know that taking a simple shell scheme space doesn’t have to mean settling for basic or boring. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money to make it the main attraction. Contact us at any time and we’ll tell you more.

Selecting the right exhibition stand

Exhibitions and trade events are an increasingly important marketing and sales opportunity for businesses in most industries. 92 per cent of trade show visitors are looking for new products during their visit, according to statistics published by the authoritative Center for Exhibition Industry Research.

But they are also expensive and time-consuming to attend. Which is why it makes sense to maximise the opportunity by making your exhibition stand as effective as possible. One of the simplest ways to get the best possible ROI is to work with the Spiral and Banner Printing Android teams. We are vastly experienced in creating exhibition stands that showcase your products effectively, and make your message stand out in a crowded and distraction-packed environment.

Here’s a quick run through the three main types of stand you’ll need to consider.


Most new exhibitors start out with a pop-up stand. They’re easy to transport, quick to set up and dismantle, reusable again and again – and inexpensive. The downside is that you’re unlikely to stand out from the other exhibitors with something so basic, but it’s the ideal ‘toe in the water’. To make a pop-up stand work, it’s important to get the pre-event preparation right. Contact potential customers to make sure they know you’ll be there and what you offer, then the fact that your stand lacks impact will matter less.


The mid-range, mid-budget option, modular stands look less temporary than pop-ups, yet share the advantage of reusability. You can incorporate more technology and other “bells and whistles”, have more space – and above all stand out more and create a bigger impression.


Designed, made to order and unique, a bespoke exhibition stand can be anything that’s physically possible within the alotted space. They cost more, obviously, but in return you can make sure your stand is the centre of everyone’s attention. The downside is that bespoke stands tend to be only used once. But if the returns in terms of awareness and sales are going to be major, it’s a sound investment.

Considering an exhibition? Whether you’re a first-timer or looking for new ideas, start by exploring your options with the experts at Spiral and Banner Printing Android. You’ll be on your way to creating the maximum splash with the minimum outlay.

Banners and Better Learning

Teachers face a constant challenge to find new ways of inspiring students and to introduce innovative ways of learning. At Spiral we believe our banners can be multi-functional and used for all occasions, but perhaps one of the most exciting ways to use them is at school.

What are the benefits of banners in school?

Positivity can work wonders, especially at school. Having a positive frame of mind within the classroom can build confidence and improve self-esteem.

It can help break an attitude of focusing on the problem and instead encourage young people to look for a solution. So how do you install positivity and belief in the classroom? One way to do it is visual learning, placing banners in and around the room to help inspire students to use their imagination. It could be something as simple as literacy and numeracy banners to help students while they work.

Motivation is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to education and banners are a great way of promoting a positive mantra and inspiring the will to learn amongst students. It also demonstrates a school’s positivity and belief in its pupils to create an engaging environment that allows them to flourish.

How can Banner Printing Android help?

Here at Banner Printing Android we offer a number of services that could help transform your classroom and inspire students to learn. We have a wide range of expertise and can produce banners in many forms including, PVC banners, mesh banners, banner frames and personalised banners.

We offer specialist types of printing, so we have all your needs covered, whether it’s a banner for inside the classroom or outside the school gate, our expert team will be able to advise you on which banner best suits your requirements.

We’re here to make things easier for you. Our in-house design team can help you create the perfect banner for your school or you can get your pupils involved and take advantage of our free online design tool to create a bespoke banner for specific events like a school dance or fair.

If you’re looking to transform your classroom and inspire learning get in touch and speak to our team to find out how we can help.

Winter Approaches

We all know how the great British weather can take its toll at this time of year, especially when it comes to planning for those key events in your businesses calendar such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

There’s no escaping the fact that the weather is going to affect a banner, so it needs to be suitable for all seasons. PVC printing is ideal for this time of year and our expert team use 510gsm PVC material, which is 70gsm thicker than most other printers, this means our signage lasts longer and is protected against all kinds of conditions.

So, if you’re planning an event and want durable, long-lasting and affordable signage look no further, Banner Printing Android is here to help.

What are the benefits of using PVC banners?

  • Premium 510gsm PVC – used as standard for all banners
  • Durable, long-lasting banners at affordable prices
  • Eco-solvent inks that don’t fade. Great for use outside and inside
  • Highest quality, full-colour PVC printing
  • Hemmed and eyeleted at no extra cost

Bespoke design

We also understand that you may require a touch of extra creativity when advertising your festive events. Here at Banner Printing Android we offer a bespoke online design service that allows you to create your own PVC banner. However, we also have a team of dedicated designers who are here to help and can create your banner for you.

How can we help?

If you’re planning an event and require indoor or outdoor PVC banners, contact our experience team and find out how we can help with all your printing needs.

This Christmas, deck the halls with printed banners

As sizzling summer becomes soggy autumn it’s time to start planning for the end of year festivities.

Does that idea fill you with childlike enthusiasm or dread? More likely you’re somewhere in between. In any case, the one thing you can’t do with Christmas is ignore it, especially when you’re in business.

At Spiral and Banner Printing Android, we can help you towards a colourful Christmas and a prosperous new year in in a number of ways.

On the cards

Specially printed Christmas cards? No problem. A promotional poster or wall chart can make a great impression too, and we’re happy to help with ideas as well as printing.


But our favourite way to make Christmas parties feel special for your workforce and customers is with our big, bold, eye-catching festive banners.

We have a wide range of templates to choose from, or of course you can create your own bespoke message and design. Just talk over your ideas with us and we’ll make it happen.

There’s a range of sizes too, from small and understated (great for smaller rooms) to vast Santa’s sleigh sized monsters – perfect for the loud and proud approach to celebrating the season.

Short of time?

You can have a banner printed in as little as ten minutes, so don’t worry if you need it in a hurry. But here’s a much better idea than leaving things to the last minute.

Contact Banner Printing Android now and get it all planned and organised in good time. Then with the business side of Christmas sorted, you can concentrate on the really tricky bit: finding the perfect gift for your loved one.

Christmas banners are also brilliant for promoting events such as Christmas fairs, and for getting market stalls and tree selling services noticed. Alternatively, simply stick one on the front of your house to make sure Santa finds your chimney.