Advertising your Business using Banners

How to Advertise your Business with Banners

Advertising your business using banners isn’t always an easy task. There is more to ordering a banner without much thought and hoping you will gain more custom. We’re going to give you a few pointers which will hopefully help you gain more custom in the future by using banners.

advertising your business using banners

Which Banner Do I Choose?

Choosing a banner can be difficult, especially when there are many options available. You need to choose a banner that will suit your business. For example, we wouldn’t recommend choosing a pub banner if you are advertising for a Zumba class!

advertising with banners

If you are going to be advertising in a place where there are other businesses in competition, you’ll need to choose a banner that will stand out. Maybe one with bright colours will help.

bright banner

Where Will My Banner Be Seen?

If you have a business with lots of footfall outside. Why not install your banner on the side of your building or a fence around the perimeter of the building. If your any part of your building faces a busy road which sees thousands of cars drive past every day, why not install the banner safely onto the outside wall to make sure it’s seen.

large banner

If you purchase a roller banner, placing it in a reception area will ensure that people can’t miss it!

What information do I need to Advertise Using Banners?

Trying to show off your business using very little space can be very difficult. Images can often mean a thousand words, so use images wisely when adding them to your banner. Also your logo is a must as well as adding your contact details such as your website, social media pages, email address and phone number. This makes it easy for the public to find out more information about yourselves.

food banner

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