Banners and Better Learning

Teachers face a constant challenge to find new ways of inspiring students and to introduce innovative ways of learning. At Spiral we believe our banners can be multi-functional and used for all occasions, but perhaps one of the most exciting ways to use them is at school.

What are the benefits of banners in school?

Positivity can work wonders, especially at school. Having a positive frame of mind within the classroom can build confidence and improve self-esteem.

It can help break an attitude of focusing on the problem and instead encourage young people to look for a solution. So how do you install positivity and belief in the classroom? One way to do it is visual learning, placing banners in and around the room to help inspire students to use their imagination. It could be something as simple as literacy and numeracy banners to help students while they work.

Motivation is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to education and banners are a great way of promoting a positive mantra and inspiring the will to learn amongst students. It also demonstrates a school’s positivity and belief in its pupils to create an engaging environment that allows them to flourish.

How can Banner Printing Android help?

Here at Banner Printing Android we offer a number of services that could help transform your classroom and inspire students to learn. We have a wide range of expertise and can produce banners in many forms including, PVC banners, mesh banners, banner frames and personalised banners.

We offer specialist types of printing, so we have all your needs covered, whether it’s a banner for inside the classroom or outside the school gate, our expert team will be able to advise you on which banner best suits your requirements.

We’re here to make things easier for you. Our in-house design team can help you create the perfect banner for your school or you can get your pupils involved and take advantage of our free online design tool to create a bespoke banner for specific events like a school dance or fair.

If you’re looking to transform your classroom and inspire learning get in touch and speak to our team to find out how we can help.

Winter Approaches

We all know how the great British weather can take its toll at this time of year, especially when it comes to planning for those key events in your businesses calendar such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

There’s no escaping the fact that the weather is going to affect a banner, so it needs to be suitable for all seasons. PVC printing is ideal for this time of year and our expert team use 510gsm PVC material, which is 70gsm thicker than most other printers, this means our signage lasts longer and is protected against all kinds of conditions.

So, if you’re planning an event and want durable, long-lasting and affordable signage look no further, Banner Printing Android is here to help.

What are the benefits of using PVC banners?

  • Premium 510gsm PVC – used as standard for all banners
  • Durable, long-lasting banners at affordable prices
  • Eco-solvent inks that don’t fade. Great for use outside and inside
  • Highest quality, full-colour PVC printing
  • Hemmed and eyeleted at no extra cost

Bespoke design

We also understand that you may require a touch of extra creativity when advertising your festive events. Here at Banner Printing Android we offer a bespoke online design service that allows you to create your own PVC banner. However, we also have a team of dedicated designers who are here to help and can create your banner for you.

How can we help?

If you’re planning an event and require indoor or outdoor PVC banners, contact our experience team and find out how we can help with all your printing needs.

This Christmas, deck the halls with printed banners

As sizzling summer becomes soggy autumn it’s time to start planning for the end of year festivities.

Does that idea fill you with childlike enthusiasm or dread? More likely you’re somewhere in between. In any case, the one thing you can’t do with Christmas is ignore it, especially when you’re in business.

At Spiral and Banner Printing Android, we can help you towards a colourful Christmas and a prosperous new year in in a number of ways.

On the cards

Specially printed Christmas cards? No problem. A promotional poster or wall chart can make a great impression too, and we’re happy to help with ideas as well as printing.


But our favourite way to make Christmas parties feel special for your workforce and customers is with our big, bold, eye-catching festive banners.

We have a wide range of templates to choose from, or of course you can create your own bespoke message and design. Just talk over your ideas with us and we’ll make it happen.

There’s a range of sizes too, from small and understated (great for smaller rooms) to vast Santa’s sleigh sized monsters – perfect for the loud and proud approach to celebrating the season.

Short of time?

You can have a banner printed in as little as ten minutes, so don’t worry if you need it in a hurry. But here’s a much better idea than leaving things to the last minute.

Contact Banner Printing Android now and get it all planned and organised in good time. Then with the business side of Christmas sorted, you can concentrate on the really tricky bit: finding the perfect gift for your loved one.

Christmas banners are also brilliant for promoting events such as Christmas fairs, and for getting market stalls and tree selling services noticed. Alternatively, simply stick one on the front of your house to make sure Santa finds your chimney.

What was 2018’s best World Cup kit, and what’s that got to do with banners?

A successful banner is like a popular football kit, discuss. OK we will, because the link is less tenuous than you’re probably thinking right now.

Sales, sales, sales

Take the 2018 World Cup outfit that was winning all the pre-tournament popularity polls: the almost psychedelic Nigeria kit. It electrifies the usual Super Eagles green with retro zig-zags, and Nike reported that it had sold out within three hours of being available to buy.

There you have it. The big connection between football shirts and promotional banners is that they are both judged on the sales they drive. And they achieve their success by being distinctive, sending a clear message and being in tune with their target market.

Be iconic

It’s no coincidence that the truly great international football kits, like Brazil’s classic yellow and blue or Argentina’s ‘albiceleste’, are often described as iconic. They barely change from decade to decade, with just a little fine tuning of details to keep them current and make each ‘edition’ different.

Brazil vs Argentina

A successful banner can work in a very similar way, as long as you have an established brand or a proven sales message. You just need to remind people what you’re all about, and do it in the right place at the right time. You can afford to be quietly confident and understated; just don’t let it turn into complacency. That’s arguably what happened to both teams this year.

Or be dramatic

Others, like the Nigeria 2018 strip, are much more dramatically distinctive and unusual. That works because Nigeria is a much less established brand than Brazil, so they have to work harder to stand out and get noticed.

Croatia is the supreme example of this principle in action. When the small Balkan nation gained independence in 1990, they burst onto the football scene with that instantly recognisable red and white chequerboard pattern. It’s so attractive we can almost forgive them for beating England in that fateful semi-final!

If you’re a Nigeria/Croatia underdog style business, you need banners and other marketing materials that catch the eye, grab people’s attention and make them notice you. In short, you need the kind of creativity and quality Banner Printing Android will always deliver. (Think of us as the Luka Modric of printers.)

But don’t be Senegal

We mention poor old Senegal just to demonstrate that it’s all too possible to get things wrong. Their white shirt with a lion watermark was voted worst kit of the tournament by GQ and others.

Senegal kit 2018

There’s a fine balance between being different enough to get noticed and trying too hard or just being a bit naff. All the more reason to put your printing requirements in the hands of proven professionals like Spiral and Banner Printing Android.

Tips on Building your Brand Through Print

Brands are a big subject. That must be true because quite a few people earn a good living by being brand experts, consultants and other types of guru. However, if you run a small, unassuming business, it’s tempting to believe that you don’t need to worry about being a brand; that’s strictly for the big boys.

Not true. Every organisation with a name and a logo is a brand. And if you’re not making the most of your brand (or even admitting that you have one), that means you’re neglecting an important aspect of your business. It’s like having a shop window and putting nothing in it.

We can help

Now for the good news, work with smart, resourceful people such as Spiral and Banner Printing Android and you can build your brand without even speaking to a consultant, let alone paying money to one. (You can save that for when success has made you a much bigger business.) We have a wealth of experience in helping customers to boost their brand awareness and sales with the pure power of print, so here are our top tips.

Know who your customers are

Think about who you’re trying to appeal to; analyse who buys what you’re offering and why. Now you’re ready to tailor your branding and your messages to the only people who matter – existing and potential customers. You may even end up with a logo, a colour or a message you don’t personally like. It doesn’t matter as long as paying customers respond to it.

Know who you are

Marketing experts talk about Brand Essence, but all it means is knowing what your brand stands for; understanding what appeals to your customers. Once you’ve worked that out, you’re on your way.

Keep it simple. Really simple.

Take the really successful brand slogans as your model. They are very clever, but in a particular way: they’re brilliantly simple. If your message is more complicated that “Does exactly what it says on the tin”, “Should have gone to Specsavers” or “Every little helps”, you need to simplify it. Too much information is counter-productive. The golden rule is “Say One Thing Well.”

Get the basics right

Is your chosen typeface easy to read? Are people understanding what you’re telling them? Is everything spelt correctly? This stuff really matters.

Quality counts

When a banner (for example) is beautifully printed, kept clean and smart and features the right words and the right image, you stand a chance. Anything less and you’re giving people an opportunity to ignore  it or dismiss it. Because they’re much more interested in what’s for dinner, last night’s telly or that attractive person walking towards them.

Naturally we’re now going to add that working with us at Spiral and Banner Printing Android is the simplest, surest way to secure a piece of print that makes you feel proud and delivers a decent return on your investment.

Do people still read banners, signs and posters in the online age?

Yes is the short answer. But we’re Banner Printing Android, so we would say that wouldn’t we?

And it is tempting to feel that the digital realm has completely taken over. Consider how hard it is to walk down a street without almost colliding with someone staring at a phone rather than looking where they’re going.

On the other hand, consider how hard it is to walk down a street without encountering a sign, banner or poster. They work, not least because they can offer instant gratification. If the sign promoting fish and chips makes you hungry, the shop is right there.

The best evidence that signs and banners still work is that hard-nosed business people continue to pay us (and one or two other inferior companies) good money for them. Apparently even teenagers occasionally lift their eyes from Snapchat and take in their actual surroundings.

Extreme irony alert

Ironic sign

Although banners (especially ours) are eye-catching and effective, they have one potential drawback. Permanence. If you make a mistake, everyone is going to see it and keep seeing it.

The banner pictured here is a case in point. The Chepstow people made the mistake of celebrating their town’s award of a plastic-free accolade with a banner made of…erm…plastic. Ridicule followed. They attempted to justify the obvious howler by saying that it was single use plastic they were against, and the banner was the long-lasting, reusable, environmentally friendly kind. But the digital age is also the binary age; everything is either brilliant or terrible. So naturally that attempt at a subtle, nuanced argument was dismissed out of hand.

Spelling is telling

Shoplifting Sign

In a similar way, a misspelt or badly worded sign or banner is going to be seen by a lot of people.

If you use the “greengrocer’s apostrophe” (banana’s) or get your words mixed up, your business is at risk of looking foolish, rather than irresistible.

The moral of this story is simple: put your trust in professionals who are sure to help you get it right and avoid the obvious pitfalls. Preferably us.

Printing may have reached perfection with Banner Printing Android, but how did it start?

UK schoolchildren used to be taught that printing was invented in London around 1476 by William Caxton. OK, a few foreigners were involved along the way, but they weren’t important. In fact Johannes Gutenberg pioneered the movable type printing press in Mainz, Germany in 1439. And long before that, printing with wood blocks and then with movable type had been going strong in China, India, Korea and the Islamic world for centuries. Caxton just adopted the latest technology and brought it across the North Sea.

Printing Press

Driven by technology

When printing took off in Europe, it had as much to do with other Gutenberg innovations as the press itself. He developed durable oil-based inks and a new alloy that made it quick and easy to produce metal type as needed. The fact that industrial paper making had spread from the East via the Islamic world to Europe in the Middle Ages also prepared the way for the new printing era. Advances in printing have always been driven by the technology of the time.

Book early!

Printed books were nothing new (there was a street with 100 bookshops in Marrakech in the eleventh century). But suddenly books could be printed affordably in large numbers, and people were ready to read them. Result: an explosion of knowledge and creativity. The spread of cheap bibles in vernacular languages (i.e. not Latin) paved the way for the Reformation, and later led to Shakespeare, Dickens, Darwin and 50 Shades of Grey. Now that’s progress.

How books get printed

Now in colour

At first printed matter was like Henry Ford’s cars: you could have any colour as long as it was black. But people love colour and the search began for ways to get it onto the printed page. In 1507 the great artist Lucas Cranach invented the chiaroscuro woodcut, making colour prints possible using two or more woodblocks. In 1710 another German Jacob Christof Le Bion developed mezzotints using multiple engraved plates to produce colour prints. In 1796 Alois Senefelder from Bavaria invented lithography, using chemical processes to create colour prints. Lithography is the basis of colour printing to this day.

Litho printer

We’ll fast forward through the development of photocopying (Chester Carlson in 1938) and digital printing in 1993, which both made instant printing on demand possible, and here we are in Macclesfield in 2018. Click here to see the amazing variety of state-of-the art printing services offered by Banner Printing Android.

Your Exhibition Starter Kit

If you’re about to take a stand at an exhibition or trade show, here’s a quick guide to what you need to know. Especially if you’re doing this for the first time.

Obviously superb banners and other stand graphics are all-important, and Banner Printing Android is here to keep your visual impact high and your costs low. But what else will help you have a successful show?

Financial support

If the exhibition or show is outside the UK, you may be able get financial support via UK trade and Investment (UKTI). Check it out the Tradeshow Access Programme at

Know what you want to achieve

Are you setting out to meet specific people or talk to as many prospects as possible? Maybe you’re expecting to make firm sales. Perhaps you just want to drum up general interest or get to know the competition. Whatever your goals, have them clear in your mind and you’re more likely to achieve them.

Know who’s going to be there

Ask for a list of attendees from the organisers. Then you’ll know who to target from the start, and you can send out “let’s meet up” messages by email, mailshot or social channels.

Think carefully about your stand

It’s your shop window while you’re at the event, so get the layout and graphics right. Remember the old adage “less is more”. Don’t clutter the space or make the graphics too busy. And don’t let furniture or other items get in the way and make the stand look uninviting. Get off the stand for a moment and see how it looks to someone walking towards it.

Don’t attend alone

You can’t afford to leave your exhibit unattended, so running an exhibition stand throughout a long day is a job for at least two people.

Make the most of pre-show publicity

The organisers are very likely to offer you advertising, sponsorship and other marketing opportunities around the event. Take the right ones up and you’ll increase awareness of your attendance and drive traffic to the stand.

Use social media

Make the most of the show’s Facebook, Twitter or Linked In presence. Discovering the event hashtag is an effective short cut to connecting with other attendees and seeing what people are saying.

Don’t neglect business cards

Even in the digital age, handing out business cards is still an effective way to break the ice and get your essential information into (literally) the right hands. And a bowl or other receptacle that visitors can drop their business cards into is an essential stand accessory.

Have something people can take away

Brochures, flyers, samples, freebies… And there’s always the cunning old trick of providing a smart branded bag that visitors can use to carry all the other stuff they’ve picked up.

Offer a prize

Everyone loves the chance to win something, so attract them with a draw or competition. There’s no better way to gather data.

Provide refreshments

People are going to get their cuppa or glass of something somewhere, so they might as well be discovering what you have to offer at the same time.

Take comfy shoes

Standing about is an inevitable aspect of being on a stand, so have some alternative footwear to change into, especially if you’re wearing heels.

Quick, follow up all those leads you gathered

Your stand has been the hit of the show. That means you met a lot of hot prospects, so get back to them as soon as you can (if not sooner). You can bet your life the other people they met will be in touch, so get to the front of the queue.

Got an exhibition or trade show planned? Before you take the rest of our advice, visit Banner Printing Android and get brilliant graphics sorted the simple, affordable way.

From Vexillum to Wenger Out: a brief history of banners

Spiral’s Banner Printing Android service is the future of the banner – any message you like with speedy turnaround and pin sharp quality on hard-wearing PVC banners. But what about the past?

All through history banners have been hung from buildings and displayed in gatherings and processions. They’ve always carried powerful messages and colourful images (just not as beautifully printed as ours). So here’s a quick sprint through 2000 years of banner history.

Ancient Rome

Imagine you’re walking along Watling Street in 29BC and a unit of the Roman army is heading towards you. The first thing you’ll see is their vexillum, the banner that tells you who they are and why you should be very afraid of them.

The Latin word means ‘little sail’ and vexilla (that’s the plural) were usually a sail-like piece of decorated linen hung from a horizontal cross bar and carried on a big staff. Two thousand years later, the study of flags is still  known as vexilology.

Roman Vexillum
Ancient Roman Vexillum


Medieval knights in battle gear wanted everyone to know who they were, especially fair damsels. But they also wanted to wear a full face mask that stopped them getting their head bashed in. That’s why banners displaying coats of arms, crests, mottos and other heraldic material began to appear in mediaeval England after the Norman conquest. Heraldry rapidly developed strict rules, and to this day it preserves the Anglo-Norman language. Although if you see a ‘lion rampant’ or ‘unicorn couchant’ now, it’s more likely to be a pub sign that a battle banner.

Medieval Coats of Arms
Medieval Coats of Arms


Neither a raw seafood dish nor a silky robe, a sashimono is a small banner worn by soldiers in feudal Japan. A bit like a checkout assistant’s name badge, but with added violence.

Japanese Sashimonos
Japanese Sashimonos

Trades unions and politics

In their heyday, the nineteenth and early to mid-twentieth century, trade union banners were a familiar sight, carried in processions, galas and demonstrations.  Typically painted in oils or embroidered on silk, the designs featured slogans, union insignia and idealised images of happy workers or families. Various political causes also often used banners in their marches and meetings, the Suffragettes and the Orange Order for example.

Russian Protesters
Russian Protesters


Funny and/or heartfelt banners are often seen in the stands at sporting events, especially football. In 2013 fans of Club Nacional de Football in Uruguay held up a 600 by 50 metres banner during a match. It weighed 2 tonnes, so they presumably didn’t hold it up for very long.

Huge Sports Banner
Huge Sports Banner

Towards the end of his reign as team manager at Arsenal, banners calling for Arsene Wenger to resign or be sacked became a familiar sight. In fact ‘Wenger Out’ banners briefly went viral, with sightings of witty folk holding them appearing in unlikely places – such as Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Times Square, New York.

Wenger Out
Wenger Out

Need a banner of your own? Find out more about Spiral’s Banner Printing Android.

East Cheshire Hospice Posters

East Cheshire Hospice Competition

East Cheshire Hospice first opened in 1988. That means that this year, they will be hosting a celebration for providing compassion, care and support to people who are facing tough challenge in their lives.

East Cheshire Hospice Posters

To celebrate this huge landmark, the hospice will be holding a special bumper lottery draw. For just £1 per ticket, you could win a jackpot of £1988! Why not head on over and purchase your lottery ticket now! 

To promote this event, East Cheshire Hospice have reverted back to the 80’s by ordering a fluorescent orange pvc banner with matching roller banners too! If you’re looking for something different, why not try this striking look for your business?!

Banner & Poster Design

The hospice already had the idea of going with florescent colours because of the 80’s theme. However, if you’re struggling to think of a design for a banner, we can help. We have an experienced design team who are ready to help. Just provide them with a little information about your business or event and they’ll get to work on your banners.

The design team will also keep in touch with you during the design process of your banners to keep you updated and to ensure that you are 100% happy with the designs before they are sent off to print.

FREE Delivery

If you would like to purchase a banner or poster from Banner Printing Android, you will receive FREE UK Mainland delivery with your order. If you purchase a roller banner rom us, you will also receive a FREE carry case too!

Contact Banner Printing Android

Would you like to get in touch with us to have your own banners designed or printed? Would you like to hear more about any of the products that we have available? If so, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 01625 435130. You can also get in touch by emailing your query to