Reflective Banners

Reflective banners are made of a material that is very popular with customers who use PVC Banners at roadside locations.  Using the same technology used for reflective permanent signage and reflective clothing, this PVC Banner material has been created with a view to make banners visible at all times.

Make Your Banner Stand Out From The Other Banners.

"We recently had a reflective banner printed by yourselves and placed the banner amongst a lot of other banners.  Our banner stood out a mile every time a car went by!  It was perfect..."

Using this Reflective PVC material will make a huge difference to standard PVC banner printing.  It looks like any normal PVC banner during the day, but once the daylight fades it naturally reflects any surrounding light and, more significantly, from passing vehicles.  

Excellent for dimly lit roads.

The reflective Banner material has been specially designed to react when light is shines on it which is especially important during the night and in particularly dark areas without street lighting. When the banner has been put up in place it will react with the headlights of passing cars and illuminate in streetlight making it more visible throughout all hours of the day.

The Reflective Banner is slightly thicker at 520gsm than the standard vinyl banner which means it is much more durable. The heavy duty material is perfect for tackling outdoor weather conditions including rainfall and high winds. All of our banners can be supplied with eyelets (Free of Charge) and also cable ties (At a cost of £1.90) to attach the banner to your preferred surface.

Size and Price of the Reflective Banners.

We are capable of printing reflective banners in all kinds of sizes and whatever your needs we are sure to be able to cater. We can print up to 50 metres in width and 1370 mm in height.

Standard sizing available: Small – 6ft x 2ft = £50.24

Medium – 8ft x 3ft = £100.47

Large – 12ft x 3ft = £150.71

We also offer Custom sizes, please use our quoting tool to get a price for this.

(prices exclude VAT and Delivery)

Our standard turn around time is 4-5 working days but we can offer an 48hr express delivery if you order before 12pm and select this option at the checkout..

Uses for the Reflective Banners:

There are many uses for this kind of material but we have found that many of our customers want to use them as safety signage or emergency signage. These banners can be placed on dimly lit roadsides to make passers by aware of upcoming dangers or hazards. The material will react with vehicle headlights to make the banner visible. The reflective banners can be used to advertise 24 hours a day, the display will be visible throughout all hours and this will be especially useful in very densely populated ares or busy stretches of road. Where there are people travelling at night the reflective PVC banners will easily be noticed.